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Look back with Amy Havens to see how far we have come this year. We have launched many exciting new projects, sponsored six different conferences, and even travelled to the Starship Enterprise for Pilates Day. We are excited for what's in store for 2014, but we wanted to share what we have done this year. Happy New Year!
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Dec 31, 2013
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In 2009 Christy shared her idea for Pele's anytime with five Santa Barbara based instructors and ask if we'd be willing to be filmed teaching philosophies. We trusted her idea and as a group we have now filmed over 500 classes. On September 30th we published our 1000 video. We searched the archives to find the very first video that Ted and he ever made together back in 2008 we have had the pleasure of working with many PyLadies professionals and without their support policies anytime would not exist. The majority of our classes featured in many fabulous instructors that visit our studio in Santa Barbara.

We wish we had time to thank them for everything they've done for us, but to do that would take a long time. So we will just mention each person once and only one of the many projects that they've collaborated with us on during the year. We filmed 60 instructors at our studio and had a lot of fun. During a visit to Santa Barbara and instructor will typically teach two or three classes, perhaps a tutorial and Austin a workshops. We have now filmed over 50 workshops and the vast majority has been improved by the Pilates method Alliance to allow us to offer continuing education credits.

Our classes are watched by members from all over the world. We now have subscribers in over 110 countries. Videos are being watched 24 hours a day every day of the year. The fewest videos are Washington Fridays and we think that is because our members are getting ready to have some fun. The most videos are Washington Monday, which suggest to us that after a weekend of fun, our members want to get back into shape.

Around 50% of our members are located outside of the United States and to help them, we now offer the ability to pay for our service in Australian dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars, euros, Japanese [inaudible] as well as us currency. In the spring we launched the plot is anytime app on the Apple store and that works both on the iPhone and the iPad. The user experience on the iPad is amazing and in combination with Apple TV, it creates an astonishing TV viewing experience. During 2013 we sponsored six conferences and we're lucky enough to be in mantra Glotzbach with Lolita San Miguel in Tucson with curious Saban and the Fletcher plotters organization in Costa Mesa with Rafael is alpha widths and the basket team San Diego with Brent Anderson and the Pollstar folks, Fort Lauderdale with Elizabeth Anderson and the amazing PMA team. And finally Angeles with balanced body and philosophies.

On tour for the third year, we ran the next philosophies, anytime instructor competition, but their friends from philosophy style magazine. This year we asked a panel of five distinguished teachers who picks the top Penn entrance from 62 applicants. As usual, we are very impressed with the quality of the entrance and wished we could have selected everyone. We then asked the subscribers to plot these any time to vote on the final 10 and they selected Kristi Ida boy [inaudible] on August 30th Romana Cruz and now Scott died at the age of 90 Romanos. Dedication to the preservation of the piteous method has influenced thousands of teachers around the world. We know that Ramana is spirit and joy of teaching. Polonius will live on for generations to come on.

August 31st our dear friend Julian Littleford passed away. We had the privilege to work with Julian many times in the last three years. His friendship, talent and humor, he'll be greatly missed. Yeah, there's one about and Urban's original teachers in the early seventies you weren't even born then, but um, you know, changeover never asks. I just like people, I like working with people. You know, when they come into the studio, they've got a story to tell and I listen and I want to be part of it. I suppose. At the palati Smith at Alliance conference, we launched the is legacy project.

The legacy project documents the life and contributions of the individuals that have shaped the world of [inaudible]. The project contains material about Corolla, tree air Eve, Gentry, Kathy grant, Romana Cruz and Alsco and Ron Fletcher. This project was made possible by five generous and very special people. Debra lessen Michelle Larson, Kara Reeser, Brett Howard, and curious Saban. We look forward to publishing additional content in 2014 we have had a significant presence on YouTube since 2010 and this year we've stepped it up with the launch of PyLadies anytime TV, a weekly web series.

We have featured many people in the show and traveled around the world during the year. We had the chance to visit two people that we greatly admire. As part of the trip to Germany. We visited the studio of Reiner Grooten house, the founder of the very popular PyLadies Facebook group a lot. He's controlled you forum. In June, we visited balanced body in Sacramento and we're the guests of Ken Endelman. Ken gave us an amazing tour of his facility and allowed Kristi to workout in a vintage reformer manufactured by Joseph [inaudible]. Many of our subscribers come to take a class at the studio at put O beach and we are always pleased to welcome them. In February, Hakey Olympian probably traveled the furthest when he visited from Finland.

When is anytime was founded or people worked part time. We now have a team of five in Santa Barbara who are responsible for making sure that the video we record looks fantastic in Los Angeles. We have a team of nine and ensures our customers have an amazing time watching all the final edited videos. From time to time, we are able to share our creative talents. And in may we traveled to the star ship enterprise. Hi guys.

We would like to give a huge thank you to our members and all the instructors we work with. We'll see you in 2014.


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and I would like to thank YOU to offer this wonderful, informative and best learning platform for Pilates enthusiasts all over the world.
Happy New Year!
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Great site. oh my god! This is such a wonderful chance to find pa. When I first discovered this site, I had little information about pilates. Then I work with Niedra's beginner classes and now I can do level 2 clases and I want to be a pilates teacher. Thank you for your efforts guys :) You're all inspiration for me :)
Happy new year
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Rewind to 3 months ago, I had a bad back, frequent headaches and had developed a permanent limp in my left leg. Life, work, everything, was a struggle to say the least. The physio advsed me to start pilates, which I did. I came across this site shortly afterwards and began taking hour long classes daily. Today, I don't have a bad back, no headaches, and my left leg is now very strong. I intend to start playing badminton again in 4 weeks time, a sport that I dearly Iove. Thank you Pilates Anytime for making classes availble to us all (I'm from the UK) and at such a good price. x
Happy New year to our Pilates Anytime family. We love you and thank you for everything you have done so far for the Pilates Community. Joseph Pilates would be so proud of all of you
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I saw some "new" teachers mentioned on this video who don´t appear on the instructor list...Jonathan Oldham, Dana Santi and Jennifer Golden Z. Will their classes be uploaded to the site too? Adore my mainstay teachers yet always eager to try classes with others as well. Kristi´s philosophy and warm welcome fosters that kind of curiosity, flexibility and innovation. Thank you ALL for making this place such a special part of my life!
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Happy New Year Pilates Anytime!! Thank you for ALL your wonderful classes with top notch instructors.
Thank you everyone for being a part of this ever growing family. Yes Joni, Jonathan, Dana, Blossom and Jennifer have all filmed classes and are expected to be on the site within the next month to 5 weeks.
Robert, your story is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
Happy New Year everyone!
Love this!!! Thank you Pilates Anytime! - what an AMAZING 2013!! Looking forward to loads of fun, love, and Pilates next year! Xo
Hooray for Pilates Anytime! Thanks for all you do and happy new year!!
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