Special #1403

New Years Workout 2014

5 min - Special


Get your heart rate up with this quick preview of Amy's full New Years Workout. The full workout is based on the New York Times "7 Minute Workout" with the principles of Pilates added to it. Amy gives a few examples of what she will do to get you ready to move. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Hi everyone. So this is a very short little preview for a New Year's Day workout that I've got working for us. So I'm going to start this with some jumping jacks and it said that Mr [i...


Perfect tease...perfect quick hit. Thank you!
Like it!
Thanks ladies! Have you seen the whole class yet? Or better yet, have you taken it yet? Would love to hear your thoughts!
Is the full workout on PilatesAnytime?
Judith ~ You can watch the full New Years Workout here. I hope you enjoy it!
Hi Judith! I love that you're teaching Pilates in your retirement years.....fantastic and inspiring! Did you get a chance to see the entire workout....? What did you think?

The perfect workout for a quick boost of energy!
Thank you Melissa!!
Tha' not pilates! To dynamic and to fast !
Ilaria....this was a short sample of the full workout which did go into more detail. The intention of this short clip was to be a preview....this is not a full class. The full class did move briskly, it did build heat in the body and was based on functional movements.

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