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New Years Workout 2014

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Get your heart rate up with this quick preview of Amy's full New Years Workout. The full workout is based on the New York Times "7 Minute Workout" with the principles of Pilates added to it. Amy gives a few examples of what she will do to get you ready to move. Enjoy!
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Hi everyone. So this is a very short little preview for a New Year's Day workout that I've got working for us. So I'm going to start this with some jumping jacks and it said that Mr [inaudible] did some of this kind of a cardiovascular or marching in place kind of things with his body conditioning. So I'm just going to take us through a few, few examples of what's coming ahead in the full workout. All right. And then we can pause after this one.

Open up into a hip with parallel position. When I actually narrow my hips cause I'm not that wide and this sit in a squat and just sitting in a squat and just feel yourself kind of steady and focus on the breath. You can put some awareness in the abdominal muscles into your back muscles. I am the full workout. There'll be more a variations on all of these themes. But for now this little preview will just give you an idea and then just round.

So we're going to kind of hit the floor down to the plank position down onto the knees and shoot for a few pushups. And a few pushups. So depending on what you've done over your New Year holiday or what you're about to do over your new holiday, you may really need a fast, short workout come New Year's Day. So this can be a little preview for what's to come. I want you to flip over and let's just do a few little abdominal curls here.

I'm not going to give everything away. So we're just gonna do five easy curls with the feet on the floor and exhaling three and is feeling your body move and feeling your mind focus. And let's just say add a little flair with the legs up and take maybe four rotations to the sides. So it's really going to be just to each side and twist. Yeah, and with, I'm actually going to go for three and curl and curl talking your knees in.

Let's find your way back up and a squat position. So now we are going to go a little bit wider feet quite a bit wider than the hips. And as you've been the knees and sit back, I want you to enjoy moving your hips back. Just shift your butt back. All right, and it's for right now, just put your hands on the small of your back or just hold. And once again, just feel some stillness. Encourage yourself to just hold weight on the heels. You could slightly lift your toes, that's how far back you are.

We're going to hit them out again for some triceps. So you're going to come on down, hands behind you have fingertips facing in or out to the side. That's why I'm going to shoot from mine right now. And simply lift your pelvis up and you can just bend the elbows. Remember right now, these are just little previews.

Can't give it all away in this little podcast. Okay. Maybe four with the hands facing in and one and two. Really feel those muscles pressing against your arm. Bones three and four. So I'm going to come into plank position again and just feel the knees now. Kind of a marching position or marching exercise. Yeah.

[inaudible] and we're going to take it into just a little run and then maybe back down two for eight and seven and six, five, four, three, two. And running. Okay. And then what I'm doing next is just an easy side plank and you can come down on the elbow, feet stacked. I've got my top, like in front into simply lift your hip. You can take your arm over and just feel your body getting along and decompress through your spine. [inaudible] and lower. Let's Tuck our knees in and just flip to the other side and just lift [inaudible].

And then as we come down to one more little plank, changing the sides. So I'm going to open toward you, Woo. And down and open toward the back and down and like the longer variations and more description on all of these exercises. But please join me for the new year's workout and we'll see you on January 1st thank you very much.


Perfect tease...perfect quick hit. Thank you!
Like it!
Thanks ladies! Have you seen the whole class yet? Or better yet, have you taken it yet? Would love to hear your thoughts!
Is the full workout on PilatesAnytime?
Judith ~ You can watch the full New Years Workout here. I hope you enjoy it!
Hi Judith! I love that you're teaching Pilates in your retirement years.....fantastic and inspiring! Did you get a chance to see the entire workout....? What did you think?

The perfect workout for a quick boost of energy!
Thank you Melissa!!
Tha' not pilates! To dynamic and to fast !
Ilaria....this was a short sample of the full workout which did go into more detail. The intention of this short clip was to be a preview....this is not a full class. The full class did move briskly, it did build heat in the body and was based on functional movements.

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