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Standing Up Straight

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Love Your Body ~ Embrace Pilates

Mitchell is a father and a writer who has decided to make Pilates a regular part of his life. He is taking care of his body now so he doesn't become an old man who cannot stand up straight. Pilates helps Mitchell love his body more everyday.

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Apr 30, 2014
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I'm a single dad with two kids, 16 and 19. So it's easy to have a lot of stress from that. Writers sit endlessly. You really have to give it some thought if you do that for a career, for a lifetime. My biggest fear in life is to be some bent over old Jewish guy.

I've just seen too many people kind of let everything go. And get more and more curled over and closed down. I pretty much have decided to really do Pilates on a regular basis forever. It is the core part of my body maintenance. At my age, this is the most dependable, sure fire way that I can get the kind of stretching and build the muscles and the flexibility that I need to do.

The result has been excellent for me. Do I love my body? Well, I'm friends with my body. And I think we grow to love each other more and more every day.


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Mitchell.....it is an honor to teach you, to share your Pilates journey and to watch you deepen your friendship with your body! Thank you for being a part of this project and sharing your story!
Nice to hear these stories.
Looking AMAZING Mitchipoo!!! I see dear Amy is taking excellent care of you, big smoocharonis to both of you!!
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Thanks for sharing your story, and for helping to show that lots of men practice Pilates and love it, too!
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Love it love it love it! What an inspiration!
This is wonderful....love the end too!
Faye P
My husband bought me my reformer with the tower plus a few little extra parts!
Oddly enough, he loved it much as I do! He is very much into physical activity, but there have been months when his work has taken all his time and it has come back to haunt him over the years!
Just being able to go downstairs and use the reformer along with the ball and some weight equipment had been such a healthy life choice! That good posture means everything!
In addition to being a (new) BASI Pilates instructor, I, too, am a writer and author. Sitting is an occupational hazard as a writer. One of the more urgent reasons I became an instructor, after practicing Pilates for almost 20 years, was because I concerned about becoming a complacent sitter. Teaching Pilates is another revenue stream for me and at the same time has become an additional way for me to keep moving throughout the day. I also bought a Vari-desk so that I can stand and work at my computer -- yet another way to get myself out of my chair. The writer's life is often frustrating while also being solitary and sedentary. Pilates is just the opposite: stress-busting, social, and motivational. Balance in work and life can be achieved and Pilates has brought me to that happy place.
I 'd like watching this video or any other on my SAMSUNG GALAXY2, BUTi can 't because a ?mark always appares.can anyone help me.thank you.
Francesca ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble watching our videos. I have sent you an email with some tips that may help you.
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