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Monica Wilson delves into the details of the Boomerang in this tutorial. The focus is on control, stabilizing your legs through the powerhouse, and using the proper breath pattern throughout the movement. Please keep in mind that this is an advanced exercise that should only be performed after successfully executing intermediate exercises such as Teaser and Rollover. This exercise is not for those with neck and spine injuries.
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Oct 24, 2014
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We are going to go over it. The Boomerang. This is a complete tutorial. So really nitpicky, a lot of slow details. All right. Oh Rebecca, we're going to start off with your right ankle over your left. Good. So this is an advanced exercise. So there's going to be a lot of control and holding your legs up from your powerhouse from a long back. Backline. Okay. So I want your hands, palms down by your side and sit up as tall as you can. That's it.

Stacking up your spine. Nice job. Good. So we're going to try and right here to not rock back too much as we lift our legs up off the mats, who you're going to find the deep lower belly and you're going to try to, you can rock back a little bit, but try exactly and lower down. So we're going to do like two more of those. Just a warm up that part of our stomach. So you're in a rock back a little bit and curl up and you feel that engagement.

So a lot of times we started this exercise and you just fling our body back. There's no flinging in [inaudible]. So it's all about toning and sculpting, right? And uh, get some good energy. So you're going to start off the exercise like that and then go ahead and roll over until your legs are parallel with the floor all the way over. Nice. Hold them parallel. Now this is super important. This is also not haphazard. You want to use your inner and outer thighs.

So I want you to push open your legs to the width of the Mat. Push. Push, yes. And now switch ankles, squeezing and crossing over. Okay, there you go. Good. And now roll down one vertebra at a time, keeping your arms down on the mat and bring your head to your chest. And this is so slow that I'm holding you. Keep your hands down and come up to a teaser position. So think teaser.

Good. Now sweep your arms forward. Good. And they reach for those legs. Goods, right? Just in that teaser. Good. Let your elbows go by your side, your hands come together behind your back. And now use your belly to stretch your spine forward and pretend you can touch your head, your stomach, to your thighs, your chest, to your knees, your head to your toes, and lower yourself down with control. And you don't even make it sound. So that's the goal there. All right, so those were a lot of pieces. Put your hands back by your side, sitting up tall. Yeah. All right, so we always inhaled to start the motion. Exhale to complete it.

So you're going to inhale to start. Exhale. While you're over there, inhale to start rolling back and exhale all the way down. We'll be the breathing. Okay. All right. So this is what was a standard boomerang, and then we'll step it up to the advanced boomerang. Okay, so we're going to pull your belly in, lift those legs up. There you go. And roll back and hold the legs parallel. Uh, we're going to go open and close. Nice. Roll up to your teaser. Hold that powerhouse reaching your arms.

Good hand sweep down to the they bend by you and they go to your s behind you. And now stretch forward. Stomach in good, good, good. And Big Swan Lake. Circle of your arms, back to your ankles. Great job. Good holding on. Nice. Sit up tall. All right, so that is pretty much it. But your, when you roll back, you're going to switch the template. So it's a smooth control rolled back and then it's a but using the right muscles that we just learned, right?

And then you're going to roll up and you're going to start to challenge yourself. So as you come into that teaser, you're going to take your hands away as soon as you can. If you take them way too early, you might lose your balance, but you want to challenge yourself by taking them not holding on too long. Okay, so let's try that now. So you're going to lift those legs with the powerhouses. A lot of low hinge and back. They're open. Closed a little quicker. Next time. Rolling up. Beautiful hands, Ben. Behind you. Good. And now lengthen your spine with your powerhouse. Big Swung leg with those arms.

Nice job. We're going to do one more and then we'll advance it. So you don't go back too far this time. Use your lower belly. Awesome. A little open, quick open, close. Good. Rolling up. Beautiful. Sweeping those arms into the teaser. Ben. Those arms behind you hands and they'll reach long your spine.

Beautiful God. Hands are on your ankles for a nice stretch. You don't lose that stretch. Nice. Alright. Hands by your side. We'll do one more set. The advance of the advanced is when your legs, you reach forward and then you bring your hands behind you. Now you don't lower your legs as you do a big Swan Lake forward. And then with your hands reaching for your toes, you lower together. All right, so use your belly to pull up those legs. Beautiful. Quick, strong, open, close.

Roll Up. Smoothly into a teaser. Ben, behind you. Good. Keep those legs up as you circle and reach for your toes as you lower down and get together. Yeah. Good. And one more hands by your hips. Good. Use your powerhouse to roll back and open. Close and roll up. Smoothly.

Holding good powerhouse. Let's get back into it. There you go. Bend those elbows. Good big circle with your arms and touch your toes if you can, as you go. Good job. Good effort, and I'm going to give you a nice stretch for doing that, so well. Nice job. We're back.

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Very nice tutorial, Monica! Boomerang sure is a lot more effective when done with detail, concentration and control!

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