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4 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals and inner thighs.

Objective: Strengthen abdominals, stabilize the hips, and massage the spine.

Start Position: Sit tall with legs extended in front of you, the right ankle crossed over the left. Palms are placed on the Mat by your hips.

Movement: Lift both legs off the Mat, roll over to a 90 degree angle, open and close the legs, switching the cross of the ankles. Backs of arms are pressing into the Mat for stability. Roll down through the spine without dropping the legs to balance in Teaser with arms parallel to the legs. Clasp your hands behind your tailbone and, while keeping the abdominals drawn in and close to the thighs, maintain the Teaser position as you lower the legs back to the Mat. Circle the arms overhead, bringing the hands to your ankles, and roll through your spine to sit tall. Repeat four to five more times.

Precautions: Avoid this exercise if you have neck and spine injuries. Prior to executing this exercise, it is important to have practiced and successfully executed the Teaser and Roll Over.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Apr 10, 2014
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So here we have the boomerang and it is an advanced exercise and you would like to be very proficient in pilates before attempting any advanced exercise. And if you're going to be doing any rolling, you would like to do it more on a lower mat, on a yoga mat, or even better a tower map, but certainly not on a high table, very dangerous. The Boomerang is an ma, one of my favorite exercises. It's got a different tempo. Some parts are smooth and slow and some are quick, which challenge different muscles and that's very nice and PyLadies always is going to use your powerhouse. Every exercise implies is your powerhouse, but you're challenging yourself to combine it with also hip stabilization and most importantly is the massage of the spine during the role as well as really laying thinning your spine as you lower your legs. Later on, you'll see we're going to cross the right ankle over your left. Great. And I want your hands with your poems down into the mat. Great. And sitting up nice and tall, but from your powerhouse, great.

Even activating your hips already feel like you're a marionette. And someone's pulling your puppet strings up to the ceiling. Now you should have a nice connection of the back line of your body. So it's really long and continuing all the way to your feet. And that's important because to start your boomerang, you're going to pull the low or pit of your belly in and up to lift your legs up off the mat. They're going to hover.

And now go ahead and roll over to a 90 degree hold. Little lower hips, a little over your shoulders. More beautiful. Now Romanis to love strong inner and outer thighs. Make it a quick open and switch. Nice. Roll through your back, rolling back into a teaser, keeping your hands as long as you need them. And then they float up.

Good holding from your Peros. They just float up to this angle. Great. Bring your hands together behind your back. Now using your belly, try to stretch your spine forward, touching your chest, your stomach to your thighs, your chest to your knees and your head to your feet as we lower, come on, pull in, reach, reach, get closer, closer, closer. And now a big Swan Lake. Opening your arms and circling them forward. Grab onto your ankles and stretch. Beautiful. Sit up tall again. Now we have your left ankle over your right.

We'll do one more slow and then we'll do a set to tempo. So using your lower pit, lift the legs up an inch and then roll over to a 90 degree angle. Open, close internet or thighs. Roll through each vertebra. Balancing in your teaser, extending the arms, hands go behind your back. Good. And I'm going to keep those ankles crossed and at the ankles right there. Good.

And reach your spine as you reach down. Try to stay as close to as you can. Sandwich together. Beautiful and big circle around. Nice. Beautiful. So it is a massage on the spine and great powerhouse work. Sit up tall and I'd like you to do one right and one left on your own.

Okay, here we go. To tempo, lift and over. Open close. Roll up to your teaser. Hands float behind and let's get closer to your legs next time. One more time. Lift over. Open, close. Roll Up. Balancing in your teaser hands. Go ahead this time.

Keep that relationship good. Try on stir match. Very good. And this is the BIM rank.

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Niedra, you are such a beautiful mover:)
This exercise is difficult for me. I think your explanation will help me. Thank you very much.
Michael L
Thank you so much for this. I have to admit, the look over the table down to the floor when you said how dangerous doing rolling work on a table was actually made me lol! Laughter is good medicine too. :)
Monica Wilson
You have to be able to laugh! This is one of my favorite exercises. It really helped me feel more free in my Pilates work when I was learning it. My tendency is to grip but you aren't able to with the fluidity of this exercise. Enjoy!
1 person likes this.
thanks Monica I love your explanations. I have a question: why you don't "open the wings" back like in the tradicional way and lace your hands back instead? thanks

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