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What is Pilates?

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We've all been asked this question before, and Alycea Ungaro gives us a short and simple answer to this short and simple question: What is Pilates? She shares her response when she was recently asked this question, and she encourages you to tell your story the next time someone asks you. Alycea puts into words how Pilates does it all, which makes it a truly remarkable system!

This was filmed at the 2014 Pilates Method Alliance Conference in San Diego, California.
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Jan 12, 2015
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Oof. Wait to get a girl on stage. Um, thank you and welcome. I have been asked to come here tonight to speak to you all and discuss what may still be a struggle for many of you in the audience as it is for me, that is to provide a very short and simple answer to what is a short and simple question. What is Polaris? I can comfortably admit to this crowd that I do not have a perfect answer for you tonight. These short and simple answers just don't reveal enough about polarities, but the longer and more robust explanations just say too much.

So I thought I would share with you in exchange I had recently where I got to tell my story of potties and my hope is that it will inspire some of you to share your own story the next time someone asks you what is [inaudible]? What is flies? I was at a cocktail party when it happened and my husband had just introduced me to his colleague named Dave, who is a big workout guy. And of course he told Dave that I am a big plus person. [inaudible]. That's so cool. Said Dave.

I've actually never done Palladio's but I work out every day I run and I lift weights. So is there any reason I should add potties to my routine? What is Pele's? Here's what I said. Dave, you work out every day. Yes. He said, so you run and lift weights. Exactly. He responding. That's impressive. Tell me, but what's the schedule like for you? So Dave told me that he got up three mornings a week at 5:00 AM to run.

He ran for say 90 minutes and two days a week he left work to hit the gym, lift weights. But on Saturdays he liked to mix it up, take a bootcamp class. Wow. I said, here's the thing, Dave, I'm a busy lady and between family and work, I've got two maybe three hours. I can realistically get in a workout every week. But that two to three hours has to do it all. I need a workout. That is my total health insurance policy and PyLadies does it all.

Here's how holidays is my sweaty cardio workout cause I love a good sweat. And because heart disease is a real thing and a leading cause of death, plotting is my strength training because I like to feel my muscle shaking almost as much as I like a good sweat. And because we're actually losing a percentage of our muscle mass each and every year that we age. Plus this is my flexibility training because mobility is actually a leading indicator of how long you'll live. And there's nothing like those perfect Pilatos exercises that you know are half strength and half stretch. Like this is my coordination training.

It's my balance training. It's my postural training. And Plaza is my mental workout because the intense focus and sheer concentration that you need to execute a proper PyLadies workout leaves you free of any stress. Potties does it all. Oh, and it leaves us looking and feeling so damn great. So yeah, Dave, if you have time to fit in, Plata is, you should fit it in. But if you don't, you should make time because the question really isn't whether or not you should be doing plots, it's why aren't you [inaudible].


So True...well spoken!
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Great answer! I would love to be able to share!
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Right on!
Carole, anyone can listen to all of our Joe Talks without being a member so please share away! You can copy the link below if you like...
//www.pilatesanytime.com/wo rkshop-view/2000/video/Pilates-What -is-Pilates-by-Alycea-Ungaro
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Such a great answer! Love these "Joe Talks"!
Wuaw you blowed me away! I love that answer and geez I love how you use your own story!!!!Great!!!Thank you for sharing.
Bonnie H
Fantastic Alycea!
Elsabe D
Fantastic explanation! Thank you!!!!!!!!
Well said.
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Thanks for sharing this! I have been asked to speak in front of a group of 20-30 women about what Pilates is and to be honest I'm really nervous about it. Pilates is not an easy thing to explain. This is a great place to start.
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