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What is Pilates?

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We've all been asked this question before, and Alycea Ungaro gives us a short and simple answer to this short and simple question: What is Pilates? She shares her response when she was recently asked this question, and she encourages you to tell your story the next time someone asks you. Alycea puts into words how Pilates does it all, which makes it a truly remarkable system!

This was filmed at the 2014 Pilates Method Alliance Conference in San Diego, California.
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Jan 12, 2015
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Oof. <v 1>Wait to get a girl on stage. Um, thank you and welcome. I have been asked to come here tonight to speak to you all and discuss what may still be a struggle for many of ...


So True...well spoken!
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Great answer! I would love to be able to share!
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Right on!
Carole, anyone can listen to all of our Joe Talks without being a member so please share away! You can copy the link below if you like...
//www.pilatesanytime.com/worksho p-view/2000/video/Pilates-What-is-Pilate s-by-Alycea-Ungaro
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Such a great answer! Love these "Joe Talks"!
Wuaw you blowed me away! I love that answer and geez I love how you use your own story!!!!Great!!!Thank you for sharing.
Fantastic Alycea!
Fantastic explanation! Thank you!!!!!!!!
Well said.
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Thanks for sharing this! I have been asked to speak in front of a group of 20-30 women about what Pilates is and to be honest I'm really nervous about it. Pilates is not an easy thing to explain. This is a great place to start.
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