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Second Pregnancy

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Leah Stewart shares how she breaks away from the traditional Pilates repertoire during her second pregnancy to explore movement in a pregnant state.
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Jan 30, 2015
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Hi Leah Stewart here, and you're about to watch my second prenatal series that I've filmed here with platas. Anytime. This is during my second pregnancy with my second son. And if you watched introduction to the first series, I talk a lot about how my goal in that first series was really to just adapt the [inaudible] repertoire as we know it and love it and modify it perfect for pregnancy. Now I didn't expect the second pregnancy, so I really didn't have this in mind when I did that first series. But when I found out I was pregnant with the second child and I wanted to come back and I was invited to come back to place anytime I really wanted to explore movement in a pregnant state more than what I had done in my first series. So I was really kind of hard for me because I knew I was going to be stepping away from PyLadies repertoires. We know it, but I really wanted to bring in some of the other influences that I've had in my life and in my career, which is dance, namely ballet and contemporary and modern dance. So I really wanted to bring those elements in.

And plus in that time I learned a lot more about pregnancy, a lot more about labor. And also I had gone through the experience of having a baby and caring for a newborn. So I had a little bit more to speak, a little more experience to speak from. So in the second series you can see that I kind of step away from some of the classical platas repertoire and I do a lot of movement that's a little bit more inspired by PyLadies. So, but I still feel like I can call it PyLadies because even though you won't recognize some of the exercises, I really tried to embody a lot of the principles that Joseph plotty spoke about, namely the intuitive and animalistic aspects of movement, that harmonious movement that he speaks so lovely about and that he was really passionate about. They found that during labor and during birth, that animalistic, instinctive flow, that uninhibited movement that you need to have in order to have this wonderful birth and allow your pelvis to open was really the goal of mine. And I wanted to do that for myself. And I wanted to help you explore that as well during this series.

So you're gonna see a lot more circular and mobilizing movements and free movement and dancing movement, and we're going to break away from that traditional classical pilates mold. So I think that the Flonase gods can forgive me for that because it was very inspired by the polarities movement and just really wanted to give a different type of feel to this series. So I hope that you enjoy it and have fun, and I hope that you feel wonderful.


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Dear Leah
I share the opportunity to take your classes with each and every pregnant woman I work with as a certified childbirth educator and doula. I'm a mother of 3 (2 homebirths and then 1 cesarean) who has attended more than 850 births in homes, birth centers and hospitals and caught a few dozen babies as a midwife's assistant With that as my "preamble" the only suggestion I can offer for a future series is to acknowledge the sexuality of birth as part of your encouragement to be more "animalistic" and to provide more opportunity for mamas-to-be to practice being uninhibited about making sound, and lots of it, during their pilates sessions in anticipation of labor/birth.

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