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Strengthen your ankles and feet in this Footwork tutorial with Adrianne Crawford. These quick exercises can help anyone who has had foot injuries or who wants to improve their balance. She does the first set with the wall and the second without to test your stability and center.
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May 17, 2015
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So I have two students here who are going to be doing some footwork. I haven't facing a wall because we're using that as a kind of a balancing point. You can do this facing anything that you could maybe catch yourself cause they're going to do some forward. What I'd like you to to do is first route your arms towards the wall and just maybe step back just a little bit, cause you want your arms fairly long, not too far back, but enough to be able to kind of catch yourself because they're going to do some balancing exercises on their feet. All right? So you're reaching forward, but you're not holding ourselves up. You're there. If the wall is there in case you need it.

But ideally you just kind of hovering there. Feet are hip width apart, parallel to toes pointing forward. Just get a little mouth lang back. You want to pull your tummies in and up and start to wrap the outer thighs. So we're gonna start with a rise. So they're gonna arise up onto their toes trying to keep the weight on all 10 toes. The weight even in the ankles from rolling out. Now I'd like you to bend your knees straight forward. Keep the heels up, keep your tummies up, and think about this for a second.

You want to try to balance so you're not pushing into that wall. You're trying to balance. Now you're going to lower those heels and try to stretch the Achilles all the way down to the floor, keeping the knees bent, and then straighten the legs. Okay, so that's the idea. That's where we're going here. So ready? You're going to do that five more times. You could arise to the toes.

You're going to bend Gertie's your and keep yourself taller. You're going to straight it. Stretch the heels down, straighten the legs up and arise to the toes. Bend the knees, stretch the ankles, lower the heels, stretch the legs, rise to the toes, bend the knees. And while you're doing this, keep going. Lower your heels. You're thinking of balance because what I'd like you to do after you've done your six sets of these lower heels stretch and you've done it the opposite direction, and I've arrived to the toes, bend the knees, lower the heels. Stretch is do it without the wall. One more time. I think that will be enough.

Bend Journey's lower. The heels stretch, straighten the like. So now let's reverse those. Bend your knees, lift your heels, stretch the legs, stretch the ankles and push them down. So you're really trying to link them. This, the Achilles. Lift the heels, rise to the toes, lower the heels, stretch, grow taller, bend the knees, lift the toes, straighten the legs a little lower to the heels two more times, and then the knees rise. Stretch a lower, no wobbling, bending the knees, stretch the legs. Lower. Lower rest. I'm going to have you stay there for a moment.

We're going to do one more little thing, but this time together, toes apart. So just kind of like you do on the reformer except for your, your heels are on the floor right now. Go ahead and reach your arms forward. Keep yourself tall. Navels in and up, getting this lift. Good. And then you're gonna just keep those heels together and try to zip up the legs and arise to the test. And a lower, lower, lower, lower and rise to the dose and a lower, lower, lower, lower. Keep those heels together and zip up the inner thighs and a lower three, 10 times rise and lower for and rise.

I have number five now keep going and try to balance while you're doing that. Six bodies. These are excellent, excellent exercises and strengthen your ankles to strengthen your balance. Strengthen your feet. I've broken my foot before and this really helped me to recuperate. Seven and left at lower eight and left at lower nine I left and lower 10 and arrest. Now have the girls turn around.

Same exact thing you just did. Starting with the feet hip with a park parallel. Same idea. You can reach the arms forward, you get nothing to hold on to. So we're going to do five each direction. You're gonna start with your knees. I'm sorry. Let's start with the rise up to the toes.

Bend your knees. Very different here, lower the heels and straighten the legs. Keep your tummies up and arise for the toes. Then journeys, lower the heels, stretch them out and straighten the legs and rise. And then at a low and stretch and rise and bed at a lower stretch. One more time and her eyes stay tall. Don't lose your tummy. Muscles low and she was ready to reverse. You're gonna bend.

You're gonna lift the heels, straighten the legs and lower the heels. Bend the knees, lift the heels, stretch the legs, lower the heels. Don't let those knees knock. Keep them parallel. Straighten the legs and lower tumor and bend and lift. You stretch the legs at a lower Walmart time.

And Ben and I lift the heels, stretch the legs. I lower heels together, toes apart. Now if you want, you can take your arms a little to the side, a little bit bent and rise to the toes. Keep those tummies up in bottoms wrap and a lower, lower, lower and rise. Keep weight on the big toe as well and a lower, lower, lower too and arise and don't hang back here. You your weight forward with the shoulders three and lower four and zip up those legs. Keep the rep five. Keep lifting 60 and seven Walmart time, eight deep breath in, arms all the way up, LR down and shake yourselves out. You're all done.


What a great variation of footwork in a standing position.Thank you very much!
Great strengthening work for dancers! Quick and effective! Thank you.
1 person likes this.
Super exercise! I spent all last year suffering from the effects of a broken foot. Now I'm up and active again. I'm constantly doing exercises to strengthen my foot and ankle. This one really helps.
Thank you! Happy to hear you all are finding use and enjoyment out of these exercises. Our feet can easily be missed and these type of exercises are so good for them!
Thank you. I can see where that would really help with my balance.
I normally do the roll ups on the jump board for the reformer, this is a great transfer that I know would challenge many people
It's a great workout and its very short which I appreciate! If you are constantly on the run, this will be a great tool to implement into your daily life.
Simple yet effective, thank you!
Perfect! I've had foot surgery (twice on the same foot!), and learnt how important the feet, and foot exercises are - not just for injured people, but for everyone. I try and pass on the importance of working the feet to all my clients. Thank you for this simple workout that can literally be done anywhere & quickly =)

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