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Footwork - Standing

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Strengthen your ankles and feet in this Footwork tutorial with Adrianne Crawford. These quick exercises can help anyone who has had foot injuries or who wants to improve their balance. She does the first set with the wall and the second without to test your stability and center.
What You'll Need: Wall

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May 17, 2015
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So I have two students here who are going to be doing some footwork. I haven't facing a wall because we're using that as a kind of a balancing point. You can do this facing anything that you could may...


What a great variation of footwork in a standing position.Thank you very much!
Great strengthening work for dancers! Quick and effective! Thank you.
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Super exercise! I spent all last year suffering from the effects of a broken foot. Now I'm up and active again. I'm constantly doing exercises to strengthen my foot and ankle. This one really helps.
Thank you! Happy to hear you all are finding use and enjoyment out of these exercises. Our feet can easily be missed and these type of exercises are so good for them!
Thank you. I can see where that would really help with my balance.
I normally do the roll ups on the jump board for the reformer, this is a great transfer that I know would challenge many people
It's a great workout and its very short which I appreciate! If you are constantly on the run, this will be a great tool to implement into your daily life.
Simple yet effective, thank you!
Perfect! I've had foot surgery (twice on the same foot!), and learnt how important the feet, and foot exercises are - not just for injured people, but for everyone. I try and pass on the importance of working the feet to all my clients. Thank you for this simple workout that can literally be done anywhere & quickly =)

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