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The Psoas

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Get a deeper look at the function of the Psoas with Ruth Alpert. She calls it one of the most interesting muscles in the body because in addition to supporting the lumbar spine, it also gives us information about possible danger. She shows how we can let it relax and then gently work it, and she also encourages us to explore how it is used in every Pilates exercise!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat

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May 10, 2015
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Hi, I'm Ruth Alpert. And today we're going to do a tutorial on the PSOAS muscle. We've done the ABS already in a previous tutorial and today we're going to go deeper into the core of t...


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Fascinating! Great tutorial. Thanks Ruth.
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Thank you Ruth, very clear and extremely helpful.
Que lastima que no esté en español subtitulado.
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Thanks so much!
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Valuable gems of information, especially the understanding of origins and incertions of the psoas muscle. The functional information, of when the muscle is contracted and relaxed, will live on in my teaching fundamentals. Thank you!

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Thank you Ruth! It is always interesting how someone approaches the Psoas and there is always something new to learn! Very new to me was the aspect of breathing through the connection Psoas-Diaphram, but it makes a lot of sense! Since you ask people to play with the aspect of the Psoas, I would like to recommend the Foam-Roller Class by Sharon Gallagher-Rivera, 1822. Sharon teaches a great way for students to find their psoas in their own body and get an idea of how it contracts. It helped me a lot!
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great info. thanks
Fascinating! Thanks silke for the class suggestion.
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Thank you Silke and thank you Ruth!
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