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Lengthening the Lats

5 min - Tutorial


Karen Sanzo teaches this informative tutorial on the latissiums dorsi, or the "lats." The goal of this tutorial is to teach you where the latissimus dorsi are and how to find the areas of tightness in them. You'll also learn how to use myofascial release to relieve that tightness for more optimal movement in the back, neck, and shoulders.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Franklin Ball

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Oct 18, 2015
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Hi, I'm Karen. And this tutorial is on the Latisimus. We know that that leftism is muscle and its broad origin is way down on the pelvis, comes all the way up, attach with Lumbo Dorsal Fascia, comes a...


Thanks Karen. As always very articulate and helpful.
Fascinating! Thanks Karen, your work is always so insightful, especially when you explain restrictions some may encounter.
Thank you so much for sharing. Very valuable and interesting!
Thanks for all the new tutorials Karen! As always, I learn so much from you.
This is very useful Karen. Thanks! And I always appreciate the anatomy reviews too.
Straightforward and quite comprehensible. Thank you!
I appreciate how straightforward and informative Karen is. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her segment over the latissimus dorsi. I followed her moves precisely and used a massage ball. It is amazing how much power the back of the neck has over the lats! I would have never guessed.
Thank you,Karen! Very helpful!

I've got a client with tight/painful QL..(per her chiropractor)...any suggestions?
Fantastic as always
Big fan of you! Love it

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