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Work with Abundant Bodies

1 hr 45 min - Workshop


Join Madeline Black in a workshop which addresses the potential issues when working with a larger body. She introduces effective exercises to improve muscle strength while protecting the joints, and she adapts the apparatus and Mat movements to increase the benefits gained in Pilates. By focusing on what they can do instead of what they can't do, you can help your client realize that moving is fun and enjoyable.


- Learn about the challenges of working with a larger body

- Learn how to give a basic assessment and how to develop a program that will keep them safe

- See how modifications and props can be used on the Mat and apparatus so your client can experience the joy of movement

What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Reformer, Mat, Wedge, Yoga Strap, Yoga Block, Pilates Arc, Knee Pad, Overball, Fitness Ball, Pilates Pole, Reformer Box, Theraband

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Dec 11, 2015
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So today we're seeing a more variety of body shapes and sizes coming into our Pilati studio, looking for what [inaudible] provides the healthy body, meaning people want to impro...

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Awesome workshop, I'm so glad you created this video Madeline! I've been wanting something like this! However, if I'm working with a senior client who is very overweight and tall it makes it extremely awkward for them to get on the reformer because they cant flex their hips enough to get their legs in front of them and roll back. So I typically don't use the reformer. Some suggestions for working with very overweight and frail clients would be helpful!
Hi Jenna, you probably do not have a clinical size reformer, it is much easier to get on and off it. The is plenty of movement possibilities on the Cadillac and Chair. Recommend for frail client are the basics, review your fundamentals. Best of luck to you.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you Madeline and PA for doing this workshop. I loved your introduction and ending message to bring compassion to abundant bodied people. I hope PA is able to devote more classes to this subject since there are so many alignment issues to consider -- particularly for fuller figured people who are active enough to do more. (I am curious about foot and leg work for people with fuller thighs who are unable to connect at the heels, for example.) One of my biggest takeaways here is to embrace (and fun with!) modifications and this workshop has given me lots of food for thought in that regard. With gratitude ...
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Thank you for presenting this workshop! Not many of my clients come to me with flawless, youthful, fit bodies, but they all have such enthusiasm! I have struggled to come up with modifications for them and sometimes I fail drastically in my exercise choices. These will be great additions to my toolbox. Keep them coming, Madeline and PA!! You rock!
Thanks Barbara, I am happy that you are passionate about helping your clients and that we can spread the health!
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Thanks, these are great ideas.
Thank you Madeline! I just had my first session with a 320lb. man today and all of your insights (as always) were very helpful. I especially love modifications with the wedge pillow + being sensitive to their feelings around all of this. Mahalo!!!!
Sarah, I am so happy you were able to give your client a great experience! Keep up the great work!
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Great workshop, great information that is very applicable to the daily life of a Pilates teacher. Thanks Madeline!!
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Thank you Madeline for a really helpful and informative workshop. I have applied much of what you said this week with clients and ALL of it has been helpful. Thank you for the kindness and thoughtfulness you encourage and the very helpful exercise suggestions and modifications.The wedge pillow you used - where can I find one? I looked online and couldn't find. Thank you.
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