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Postural Assessment

15 min - Tutorial


Join Susan Salk as she assesses the posture of her student to demonstrate how you can look into the mirror to perform a simple, non-technical, postural assessment on yourself. She approaches this assessment from the perspective of Joseph Pilates who would look at the body as if it were a building, ensuring that segments of the body would stack on a Plumb Line. Susan encourages you to fix imbalances from the centerline as opposed to from the periphery, and explains what that means in this tutorial.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 08, 2015
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Ah, hi. We're going to do a little postural assessment here and we're going to keep it simple. Sort of non technical, just looking at, uh, Joseph Paul Pilati. He's looked at the, the, the body, like a...


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So pleased to see this video cause I consider aligment the start up of movement, there's no sense to move without it.
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Thank you! Non-technical, so everyone can use it and be aware of the the body in space.
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Fantastic...love all the quotes thrown in as well! Thank you
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thank you for your comments. i'm glad that this was meaningful.
Very nice and useful assessment! Thank you!
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Thank you!! It was interesting!!
very useful! Thank you :)
Just watched this again.....so so good....thank you AGAIN!

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