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Knee Pain

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In this tutorial, Sherri Betz teaches a progression of exercises to help with knee pain. She starts by looking at the feet and hips so you can find good alignment for functional movement. She also shows how you can determine whether the pain is caused by a structural problem or a strength problem, and then she shows how you can strengthen the muscles around the knee.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Small Tennis Ball, Pilates Pole

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Nov 22, 2015
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Hi, I'd like to share with you, uh, a focus on the knee. And um, a lot of times I'm teaching PyLadies especially the introduction to Pilati courses, which is a six week series that we ...


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Great video. Very informative. Reaffirmed what I knew but gave me lots more to work on as well.
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Really enjoyed the tutorial. Very informative, but I'm still not clear on how to determine that it's a structural problem vs. a strength problem. Is it possible to clarify? Thanks!
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Another great tutorial! Your clients correction improv with the gondola pole was cute. Might you consider a break down of squats for many have problems with those?
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Excellent as all of your tutorials. Thank you.
Thank you. If you have cued the client into ideal alignment of feet, knees, hips and pelvis and unloaded the affected joint by increasing the spring tension to red or blue springs in spring assisted squats and that takes the pain away, it is a strength problem. If the client is in good form and alignment and using the heaviest springs and a pole or support behind the back does not take the pain away, it is often a joint derangement and may need the treatment skills of a physical therapist or surgeon.
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Fantastic Sherri! Just had a client who complained of pain in her knees, great timing. Your explanations and cues and what options to use and progress too were so helpful.
Helping us to understand structural and strength awarenesses so valuable. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
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Excellent tutorial , so informative , thank you
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Great tips, Sherri! I have two new clients who overweight the right knee and feel a lot of pain. In this particular case should I do the same number of repetitions on both sides? Especially the standing on one leg? Thank you and all blesses!
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So GLAD and Happy for PilatesAnytime and Internet! I didn't have the chance to learn more from you while you where in Miami...
Invaluable information! I always quote you on " Knees have no personality, they will do whatever your hips or feet are doing...SHerry Betz"
Thank you... and hugs
That's a great quote Emily/Sherri!
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