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Lazy Butts Drive Me Nuts!

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Explore the seat and the idea of the heel to seat connection with Zoey Trap! Strong gluteals are crucial because they help us function in life. With Zoey's help you will learn how to deepen your Pilates practice by activating your seat!
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball, Theraband

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Dec 27, 2015
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I'm Zoe trapping with me today is my daughter and fellow, uh, Pete [inaudible] Katherine Coil. And we're going to explore the seat today. This idea of the heel to seek connection and t...


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Loved this -- great cueing and explanation. I'm glad to hear from a kindred soul who is always emphasizing glutes.
Loved the idea of prone hip extension against a wall to aid the tracking- so obvious and yet I needed it pointed out!
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That's why its so nice to have this lovely site to share with each other on!
Really enjoyed this class love the cues too. Thanks
Hypermobiliity and swayback heavenly work!
It saved my dancing career and teacher's one as i find standing whilst teaching for hours really taxing!!!
Wonderful tutorial! I love the clarity brought to such a vital critical connection. Thank you too for demonstrating each exercise with the heel-seat connection as a focus.
Thank you so much for this great tutorial!
Loved your cueing and correct/ incorrect position demos. Ladies, you are so fun to watch and learn from. I hope you come back for more workshops and classes! I renewed my Pilates Anytime subscription just for this tutorial.
This is awesome .. I want more info on this
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