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Horatio Moves!

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Get ready for a lot of fun! Jenna Zaffino presents a special reading of her book, Horatio Moves, along with the star of the book, Horatio. After the reading, she shows how Horatio moves, and then works with the children in the group on different types of movements. She plays with breathing, as well as different qualities so everyone can find their own personal movement!
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Dec 18, 2015
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Hello everyone. My name is Jen as a fino and this is her ratio and today we are going to read a very special story about Horatio's life and how he came to live and even to teach inside...

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This is lovely! Jenna I recall you writing about this project a couple of years ago on the Pilates with Profit fb page -- really cool to see this come to fruition ;) Well done.
This is so good Jenna! I teach kids Pilates classes and I really appreciate your beautiful energy and generosity in sharing Horatio's story xxxx
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Beautiful :) What a wonderful dog. Just loved it.
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I loved this! I can't wait to show my family!
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So Great, Jenna! You make me smile!
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Great fun story - Horatio is a lucky dog to have such a talented owner. I can't wait to share this with my family too.
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To quote my son, "I want to do that!" I love this Jenna! xoxo
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I LOVE this! Wow! Thank you!
Thank you so much everyone! It was truly a dream come true to bring my book to life at Pilates Anytime ;). So thrilled you all are enjoying it!
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You are amazing! Thank you for that inspiration :)
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