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Get ready for a lot of fun! Jenna Zaffino presents a special reading of her book, Horatio Moves, along with the star of the book, Horatio. After the reading, she shows how Horatio moves, and then works with the children in the group on different types of movements. She plays with breathing, as well as different qualities so everyone can find their own personal movement!
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Dec 18, 2015
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Hello everyone. My name is Jen as a fino and this is her ratio and today we are going to read a very special story about Horatio's life and how he came to live and even to teach inside of the Plati studio that I own. So the book is called her ratio move. Yes. There's a little known fact that each dog has a purpose, some work at the firehouse, some dance at the circus where they're guarding.

Rich treasures are acting as guides. Each dog has a purpose that warms their inside. This is the story of one gray little pup who was brought to the shelter and given up ratio knew that this place was not right. There were strange cats and dogs that held all through the night. He worked hard to fit in with the other rough pups. He would growl, bear his teeth and try not to slip up. This does not feel like me.

He thought with dismay perhaps that will find my own purpose someday through the long cold winter ratio set and daydreamed of chasing a black and white cat. His eyelids grew heavy. He thought about napping, but before his eyes closed, he heard someone tapping. He walked to the fence and stood tall and hind paws and he saw her. A lady who smiled with a cause. Do you know who that lady is? Yeah, it is me. Okay. She entered the shelter through a creaky old gate. Hooray.

She was curious but chose to wait. Bathing was not in his normal routine and hit his coat had been missing. It's gray and white sheen. She held out her hand in a nonthreatening way and allowed him to sniff and see all was okay. A face just like this is truly essential. I think he is really a dog with potential.

May I walk him outside and into my studio, of course, said the worker as he sipped on hot cocoa. He walks strong with pride like a pop on parade. Unaware of the plans that the lady had made. This brief journey led them straight to a red door that opened up into what looked like a store. His gaze landed on a medieval contraption and worried. He froze, afraid to take action.

The lady was gentle and showed him the way she breathed in and out and said all is okay. He figured out that these machines were for bodies as the lady showed movements and called them [inaudible]. Yes. She gazed at him fondly a tear in hit her eye. You really are such a unique, special guy. She asked, would you like to come home with me? We could help each other move naturally.

Her ratio wanted to go more than ever a life with a purpose. What could be better? The story unfolds is the ratio studies to breathe into move with lots of new buddies. The neighborhood who had children stared on amusement. They saw that this dog was a master of movement. Inhale and exhale, bending and stretching and in between breaks there was tennis ball fetching. I wrote this book.

He made it a point to move through the day in a crazy, scruffy puppy ballet. Soon he was ready to lead his own sessions, exploring the mind and the body connections, his happiness shine from the inside out. This is what life must be all about. Later that year and the hot summer swelter a rock walk around the block led him to the old shelter. He hadn't been there since that day last December.

His head tilted left as he tried to remember the days before breathing and moving through with ease before dancing around like a leaf in the breeze. He glanced down and noticed his two mismatched pause, one gray and one white. They once seemed like flaws. He thought no one else has to pause just like me, my paws make me special and this I now see his movement had shown him the strength of this feature. Could it be that his moves had become his new teacher for movement? You see, let him know he's alive. When he moves, he can feel that there's something inside. He felt that the day that he found his new home, he knew he would no longer be left alone. He knows it is true when you looks in her eyes.

Movement is much more than just exercise. He found his true purpose to move from the heart, finding joy and discovery with each body part. Who cares if I'm scruffy? I don't need to hide. I'm me and that's great. He barks loudly with pride. We all have a purpose. That one special thing, the magic that fills us and makes our heart sing, it comes from inside and allows us to grow just like movement did for her ratio. You might be a reader, an artist, a clown.

You might be a gymnast and flip upside down. There's a special gem that makes you who you are. It's unique and important, like each shining star. Let us celebrate you and your personal groove by showing us some of your favorite moves. But before we do that, that's the end. Yeah. What did you think of the story? He's going to sleep. He's hadn't heard this one a couple of times before. So before we see some of your favorite moves, I thought we'd talk about some of the movements that her ratio experience during his time in the story. And did you know that this was a true story?

Yes. This is a story about how he came to live with me. So when Horatio was in the shelter and in a cage, how do you think that made him feel? Cooped up? Yeah, maybe a little cramped. What else? He didn't like it. Do you think he may have been a little scared? Yeah. So if you feel cooped up cramped and a little scared, do you make your body into a shape that's really, really big or really, really small? Really small. Right? Show me a shape that's really, really small. Let's pretend that we were cramped up into it. Cage, right? Nice and cooped up.

And would you be looking up and showing your face or would you be hiding your head? That's right. Good. And with this small little shape, can you take a deep breath when you're all cramped up and cooped up? Yeah. Not really. Right? So let's think about later come out of the shade. But let's think about later when her a, she was adopted and he started to move in the plotty studio. How did he feel that better? Yeah. Yes. Really good. Big more free.

And so he started to jump around and smell the flowers and feel like he could stretch and expand his space. Right. So now let's come up on your mat and see if we can stretch and expand our space. So I want you to make the biggest shape that you know how to make. You can stand up if you like. You can lay down. Yeah. What's the biggest shape you can make? Yes. Now, do you feel cramped or cooped up in this shape? No.

Do you feel stretchy and expansive? Yes. Can you take a deep breath in this shape? Yeah, you can. Right? So we want to be able to take small breaths and deep breaths throughout the day. So from here we're going to come into a seated position and see other ways we can move our spine and move while we breathe. Would you like to see her ratio make a big such shape?

All her ratio? Would you like to make a big shape here? Let's make a big shape. Come on. Good job. That was his big shape cause he's a small guy. So now we're going to try to bend and stretch our spine in a couple of different ways. So let's sit in a diamond and the first thing that we're going to do is round our back forward.

And we're going to pretend like we have a turtle shell on our back. So let's round forward and make your back as round as you can and puff up the back of your rib cage. And then just like a turtle, we're just going to look up and we're going to look down and peek back into our shell and we're going to look up again, maybe look right to left, and then we're going to look back down. And then let's come all the way up and sit tall. Let's do that one more time. So we're going to round down like a big turtle deep into your shell. See what you have hiding out in there, and then look up with your hat.

Peek out anything interesting up here. I don't know, ray. Thanks very interesting. And then round back down and then look up again and pick up at, around, back down, and [inaudible] come on [inaudible] way up to the top. And now we're going to take the hands on the knees and we are going to pretend that it has started to rain, but it, this kind of rain is made of lemon drops and gumdrops. Have you ever heard that song before?

All the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops. So we're gonna lean back. We're gonna lift our chest to the ceiling and I want you to taste the rain to open your mouth. By what flavor can you taste cherry? Anyone you taste the roof. Oh, maybe your rain, Brockton job got stuck up on the rip. Let's do it again. So let's lift our back up. Let's lift our chest to the ceiling.

Open your mouth wide and pretend you're tasting the rain. Good. And now can you reach your arms up and reach for those raindrops and grab them out of the sky and then bring them to your mouth. Good. And then lift yourself up again and reach and stretch up and get as many as you can. And now the training, more gum drops and bring it back to your mouth. And one more time and reach a big, big stretch and chest on the ceiling and bring him back in. And then come all the way up to the top. And let's bring the arms to the side.

Did you know that you have a little cow caterpillar sitting to the left of your mat and he is whispering a secret right now. Let's bend over and see if we can listen to him. Go ahead and then come back up. Now see if you can keep your hips on your mat, but bend over again to the same side. And listen, what's your caterpillar thing? Pickles and they come all the way back up. And then let's listen to the other side cause he just quickly ran around to you and let's go all the way to the other side. And what's your caterpillar saying? Nothing. Are you having fun?

Oh her caterpillars asking if we're having fun. Let's lift up nice and tall and let's try to do it again. This time I want you to imagine that you're in between two panes of glass and you don't want to touch the front and don't want to touch the backs. We're going to bend over to the side, take a little stretch, listen to your caterpillar. Mine is saying that perhaps we need to go to the other side.

So we're going to get up and go up and all the way to the other. Good. And then come all the way up to the center. Now let's see if we can do something fun with our breathing. So we're going to take our hands on the side of our rib cage and I want you to just to take a deep breath and can you feel your ribs move and when you breathe out, can you feel your ribs move? Now can you breathe into just one side of your ribs at one time?

Can you breathe just into the right side? Oh yeah. It's really hard to do. Can you try it to the left? Good. All right. Now let's go back into our side. Ben, we're going to go over, we're going to listen to our caterpillar and see if you can just breathe into the top side of your ribs. Can you make your ribs move? Let's put our hand here. Take a breath in. Take a breath out, take a breath in. Take your breath out and come all the way back to the top and then go to the other side. Good. Take a breath in. Take a breath out.

Take a breath in. Take your breath out. Good. Come all the way back to the center. Now we're going to pretend that somebody called your name. So on the count of three, pretend somebody called your name. They're standing behind you. You're going to turn and look at them. One, two, three and come back to center. Good. And now they're going to do it again.

One, two, three, and come back to center. Good. Now let's try it slowly. Like what? One to three and come back to center. And again, one, two, three. What did you say? And come back to center. So we just did some kind of silly things, but did you realize that we've bent and moved our spine in four different ways? Good. Let's try them all. So we're going to bend it forward. Round over.

Remember our turtle shell? Good. We're going to come up, taste the raindrop here to come to the center, listen to your Caterpillar, and you're going to listen to the other caterpillar. And then you're going to turn around. Somebody said your name, what, and come back to center and turn around again. Somebody said it to the other side and let's do it one more time, a little faster. Bend forward and taste the raindrop. And this time go to the other side. Listen to the Caterpillar and listen to your other caterpillar.

And somebody said your name and somebody said it again and come back to the center. Good job, you guys. Awesome. All right, let's come to standing. Now we're going to explore what it means to move in a way that's really heavy and really light. So we're going to pretend that they turned up the gravity in the room and all of a sudden our legs became twice as heavy as they are now. Can you feel yourself pulling down and then your spine is getting heavy and then your shoulders are getting heavy and then your head is the heaviest thing and you just can't hold yourself up and you're going to come down to the ground. And does this look like good posture? It does.

No, it doesn't good. And now the gravity is turning off and our heads are going to get really light. I don't know. Arms are starting to get really light and our spines are getting really light and our legs are getting really light and all of a sudden it's like we can float through the room without even worrying about going to anything. Cause we're so late. But Oh, legs got heavy again and the spine got heavy again and the arms and the head and we're stuck in the heavy.

And let's see if we can move just a little bit over here with heavy, heavy energy. Is it easy to move with heavy energy? No, it takes a lot of effort. But guess what? The gravity turned off. His head got light and the arm got light and the spine got light and the feet got light. Ooh. Now we can move with really light energy. And is it easy to move with light energy? What do you think?

Easier than heavy, right? Woo. Good job. Let's come back in our circle. Okay, let's feel different ways. Pretty good. Let's feel different ways that we can move that are slow and fast and heavy and light. So the first thing we're going to do is tip toe. It's everybody lift up. And we're going to do four steps. We're going to go one, two, three, balance. Say sure. Tiptoe. One, two, three, four.

[inaudible]. Top one to why at five last time. Wow. One, two, three. Nice and gentle. And now we're going to march. Go and, and, and stay in your circle. Heavy feet. One and two and three and four and two and three and four. Keep going. Two, three, four, five, six. And stop. Where's my circle?

And now we're going to gallop one foot in front of the other. Like a horse. Wow. Never. I never did. And around and around and around, around and around and around. Turn the other way. Go around and around and around and around. Around and around and around and freeze. All right. Stand back up. Last one.

We're gonna do little tiny running steps in the circle. Go fast. Fast. Fast, fast, fast, fast, fast. Speed. Fast. Speed. Fast. Speak fast. Sweet. That's sweet. That's sweet. Fat Face around other way. Stand up. Calm down. Here we go. Fast. Feet, fast, feet, past feet. Fast, little feet, little sweet, little sweet, little bit, little bit, a little bit, little bit stuff. So the last thing we're going to do today is to try to figure out our own individual movements that say who we are. So first thing I want you to think about is your movement going to be big or small.

Okay. Is your movement going to have some bending or stretching in it? It is. Okay, good. Is your movement going to be heavy or light? Okay.

And is your movement going to have fast movements or slow? Okay. So do you know where you're going to do? Alright. On the count of three, we're going to see each one of your movements and we're going to try each one of your movements. Griffin, are you ready to go first? Okay. Is that your starting position? Hmm.

Yes. Okay. Everybody do what? Griffin's doing. Okay. All right. One, two, three. Do your movement, Griffin. Oh, okay. Well, here we go. This is Griffin's movement. Awesome. Next. Chloe, you ready to do your movie?

Oh, Mike Gosh, I'm been fed in a big stretch. Awesome bastion. [inaudible] okay. I'm not surprised at all with [inaudible] last one. Okay. Isabella, your turn. Let's see your movement. Ice Skating. Awesome.

Do my movement. You're ready? Okay. You like that? All right. The last thing we're gonna do is we're gonna move our individual movements across the floor with her ratio. Are you ready, ray? Yeah. No, no, no, no. Wow.

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This is lovely! Jenna I recall you writing about this project a couple of years ago on the Pilates with Profit fb page -- really cool to see this come to fruition ;) Well done.
This is so good Jenna! I teach kids Pilates classes and I really appreciate your beautiful energy and generosity in sharing Horatio's story xxxx
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Beautiful :) What a wonderful dog. Just loved it.
4 people like this.
I loved this! I can't wait to show my family!
4 people like this.
So Great, Jenna! You make me smile!
3 people like this.
Great fun story - Horatio is a lucky dog to have such a talented owner. I can't wait to share this with my family too.
3 people like this.
To quote my son, "I want to do that!" I love this Jenna! xoxo
3 people like this.
I LOVE this! Wow! Thank you!
Jenna Zaffino
Thank you so much everyone! It was truly a dream come true to bring my book to life at Pilates Anytime ;). So thrilled you all are enjoying it!
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You are amazing! Thank you for that inspiration :)
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