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Finding Your Balance

30 min - Tutorial


We are thrilled to have Stephanie Herman join us on Pilates Anytime! In her tutorial, she teaches simple concepts to help you find your balance. She looks at the differences between the two sides of the body as well as the muscles needed for balance. These movements are great to do everyday, and these ideas will help you understand the simplicity of finding your balance.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Jan 31, 2016
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Very interesting. I "owned it" even on my injured leg which is always troublesome for single leg balancing since my knee is permanently flexed. I will keep working on it. Thanks, Stephanie!
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Fascinating! One side is definitely going to take extra time.
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Thank you, I was surprised by the"tricks" to get my balance back
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Hello, and thank you for working with "Finding Your Balance"
I am so happy that this is starting to work for all of you. The more you do this, the better your muscle memory will work for you.
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Great tutorial to put subtitles in Spanish . Amazing. Thank you.
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Great video for isolating and focusing. Thanks!
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very yummy-right on the point!!
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This is very exciting that you are appreciating this work!
This makes me very happy:)
Keep it up, and watch the results!
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Love this! Adapted it to a full hour class and everyone else loved it too! Noticed instantly the effect on head/shoulder and neck alignment just after the leg and gluten activations, in everyone. More coming I hope. Love PA too.
Hi Tanya:
Yes, more coming soon. The Pilates Ballet will be up on
Pilates Anytime , as soon as I know when I will let everyone know too. Hope you get a chance to visit my website too:
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