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Rib Cage Placement

20 min - Tutorial


You will get a better understanding of the rib cage and it's placement with this tutorial by Clare Dunphy. She starts with basics and general principles about how the ribs should be up and over the pelvis. She then moves on to examples, showing how you can create more space in your waist in exercises like Plank, Teaser, and more.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Reformer, Mat

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May 29, 2016
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Hi, I'm Claire Dunphy, Amani and this tutorial is about understanding the rib cage and the rib cage placement. And I'm here with Amy haven. She's going to be my, my body. And you know,...

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Another 'key' to strength of 'centering'. Thank you Clare for the 'lifting off' feel while seated and Amy for the positive visual changes in your posture from start to finish.
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Spectacular....love the cliff hanger! Can't wait to share this. Think i am an inch taller now too. Thank you Clare & thank you PA
side note: love your outfit...famous question - who are you wearing?
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wow! challenging! ;)
Actually a big THANKS to Amy Havens for letting me work with her. She shows us all that the best teachers are good students first.
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like your class , thanks for sharing !
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Dear Clare, love you to pieces for this tutorial. It validates so much of what I've been struggling to work with my clients and it gives me so many more ways to explain it to them. Thank you again! and yes thanks to Amy for been such a perfect student. :)
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absolutely fabulous,..and all of a sudden I have a lot of work! Can´t wait for the look at head and shoulder placement, because that turned out to be an issue for me in the end.. And the breathing! I have to send my diaphragm somewhere else to keep the ribs in place.. thank you so much! Clare, you are great inspiration!
incredible instruction clare....very well done...you certainly do remind me of myself, funny/passionate and an over extended gymnast/aerobic instructor since the early 80's...i can't wait for the next tutorial. thank you..i so appreciate you.
it took me many years myself to get the ribs.

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