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Look at the differences in movement using the Leg Springs on the Mat and then on the Oov in this tutorial with Daniel Vladeta. He shows how the body needs to adapt when on a flat surface, which can mean that the initiation of movement is incorrect. When he switched to the Oov, you can see that the pelvis is free, and then your body has to work on controlling the movement instead of compensating to move.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Oov

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May 15, 2016
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Okay, well we're going to have a look at here. Is Aaron doing a leg spring series? And what you have a look at is her, first of all, just lying on the Cadillac. You can start with the movements and we'll start to see how the response of what her body's needing to do to create that movement when she's lying on something that's flat and not facilitating free movement. Um, your hips, you can go into some scissors for me.

And if you have a look at her pelvis having to adapt to that hip function. Now in the past I would have tried to actually stop this movement, but what I'm actually starting to see is that maybe she's having to create this movement through the pelvis because her hipbones are actually on the table and she needs to create some movement to get the movement she needs. And hence why she might be compensating through the pelvis. Can you do some frogs for me please? And you'll see where she's moving from and where she's having to compensate some leg circles for me. Okay.

And then we're going to put Aaron on a new move. And see if there's any difference without me giving her any information at all regarding how to control these movements. And you can see the pelvis having to move and some Peter Pans for me. And you can see that role in the pelvis because as that hip comes back, it needs to create space for that movement. Fantastic. Thank you.

And we're going to put Aaron on a nerve now and take us through the same series. So now what we've done is we've put Aaron on a nude, her pelvis is up off the ground, so we're creating an open loop for her pelvis. So her pelvis is free to move, but because she's on the UHF, she's going to have to, her brain's having to control that movement. And what you're going to start to see is going into some FEMA rocks first. And again that we've created some room for her to be out for hips, her hips to be able to move as they were flat along on the actual surface.

It meant that as she got to a particular point, her pelvis had to actually make that movement up. So where are we stabilizing or try to stabilize actually at a normal compensator re pattern. So going into some scissors for me. Yeah. Nice. And you can say that Aaron's able to control her pelvis a lot more through this movement. And do you feel like your are freer to move? Yes. And into frog for me and what we'll then start to actually be able to see where there and, and she may be able to feel that.

Then there's going to be a discrepancy between how one hip moves relative to the other because there's a lot less movement through her pelvis. 200 and some leg circles for me. Yeah. Gripe [inaudible] and you can see how she's able to actually really extend Isely through her, the front of her hips there. That's great. And the other way for me and interpreter pants and you can see that now we're picking up the tight hip as opposed to the twist in the pelvis does. That is, yeah. And we can really pick up very quickly and Aaron can pick out quickly which hip is tighter and why she's actually having to do that. Twist with that movement.

That's great. Thank you.


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Beautifully explained & demonstrated.
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Thanks so much Daniel. I am getting my Oovs tomorrow and starting to play. Looking forward to finding new and better ways to move.
Fascinating tutorial! Thank you Daniel for showing how the Oov can be used with the well known exercises on the Caddi or tower.
Thank you, I can see the different!!
Hi Hydie,

Yes, we use the Oov on the Cadillac and Reformer.


Daniel: I have been thinking of the ways to use the Oov on the reformer, hope you have something coming with that at some point. Thanks for this amazing prop?? My clients are singing it praises.
I've recently seen this concept and am surprised that it hasn't been more widely distributed, but I love Daniel's explanation and simple method of isolating the hips this way! Bravo!
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Daniel, please make some class- length videos here showing how to use the Oov on a reformer. Just got my Oov yesterday and love it already!
Great demonstration and explanation. Thank you
Glenda F
Good to see how it’s used on the reformer :)

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