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Learn the Leg Pull as it was taught in Return to Life in this quick introduction by Benjamin Degenhardt. He talks about the alignment issues you may encounter and he offers a breakdown of the exercise so that you know what to expect. He also shares why the exercise is called the Leg Pull so that you will be able to understand the movement and find your own way of performing it.
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Oct 03, 2016
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[inaudible]. Hey guys, I'm Benjamin. I'm here with Benny. We're going to take a closer look at the light pole. There's a whole workout that is sequenced around this exercise, but this is a great opportunity to check in with what some of the alignment issues are that you might encounter in your own body as well as how to find your own way of performing the exercise. It's essentially a plan, so that's the position that we're going to start in. You take your hand down right underneath your shoulders. You set your legs back behind you, and this is sort of the place that we start from.

We're looking for in the exercise is one long line to the crown of the head that travels through the entire body, three extended hips into the heels, flexing back into the body. Now while we're holding this position for just one or two breaths longer, we can start to get really fascinated with how our hands relate to the ground here because of grip strength and translating the upper body strength into a solid grip against the floor. It's going to be super important here as well. We're looking to pull the chest slightly through the arms and then from here you can release down for a second. So that is some of the things that we're looking for in the setup in and off itself. If the plan is unsuccessful, you're going to have a very hard time adding movement to that. So when you come to the place of leg pulling them in a math class and you feel that your playing is all that you can process that day. Stay with that.

Here's what we're going to add to perform the full movement and take your hands down underneath your shoulders. Again, set your feedback one at a time. Pull the chest through the arms or we're looking for now as we add movement is that between the head and the hips, not much changes. We go into a big extension. We isolating at the hip. Point your right foot and kick the leg up as far as your body allows you to. Meaning we're trying not to put a dent into the lower back.

Then flex your foot and actually pull the leg down. Like you're pulling a spring from the ceiling. Left foot points, kick it up, one to flex the foot and pull it down. That's why it's called the leg pole. You kick the leg up, one, two flicks in. Paul the leg down. All the while. Get Taller through your upper body. One more time. Kick up and up. Flex the foot, get taller as you pull the leg down, and then release.

So that is the leg pole. Um, as it was taught in return to life, I hope this is helpful. Um, if you're curious on some other strategies and becoming better at that exercise, try out the workout we put together for you.

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Yay!!! I love your breakdowns Benjamin ... off to try the workout now - excited!
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This is great... can't believe non of my teacher-trainers have ever laid out the meaning behind this exercise and where to emphasize the movement - "pull down springs from the ceiling" - now it clicked! Thanks Benjamin :)
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you both so much! Marie — to be fair, the exercise is often taught quite differently nowadays (rocking the plank back and forth over the anchored foot as opposed to kicking up) and then takes on a different meaning. In Return To Life, this movement follows and intensifies pattern set up by Swimming, focusing it into the lower body while bearing bodyweight into the upper body. So happy you enjoyed this tutorial and it clicked!
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Loved the tutorial and the short class! Please do more videos for PA!

Benjamin Degenhardt
Yay—thanks Cheryl, more of these to come indeed!
I have never belonged - pull down….! Great Info, thank you!

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