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Benjamin Degenhardt

Primary Teacher Training: 360° Pilates

Benjamin is the creator and sole presenter of 360° Pilates, an education program specifically designed to connect movement teachers of any training background to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. 360° Pilates is based on Benjamin's extensive historical research on Contrology, and his work with varied experts in the movement world.

Benjamin Degenhardt has been involved in the world of Pilates and movement education for over 15 years, with an extensive background in dance. He began his Pilates training in 1998, completed formal teacher trainings under Kelly Kane and Lawson Harris in New York City, and is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher. Additionally, he holds credentials as a Simonson Technique Teacher and a Functional Movement Screen Specialist. A former Teacher Trainer for the Equinox Pilates Institute until 2012, Benjamin has since established himself as an international educator in his own right. He is currently based in New York City and shares his perspective on Pilates and movement with workshops and trainings he conducts around the world.

With a profound fascination for the human body and its movement capacity, he focuses his life towards inspiring people to take care of their physical fitness and health - and to move well every day.

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"Think that the actual purpose of the exercise is to learn how to lift your body weight against gravity."

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