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On May 7, 2016, Pilates teachers and enthusiasts from all over met at the Ferncliff Cemetery Chapel, which is where Joseph and Clara Pilates are buried, for a Pilates Memorial celebration. The event was organized by Lolita San Miguel, and it was a chance to pay tribute to Joe and the industry he created. Through the highlights from this historic event, it is easy to see how Joe's spirit lives on through the many teachers and students who are studying his method today.

The footage you see on Joe himself, Clara and their clients is from Mary Bowen's 70 minute Historical DVD which Mary developed from Joe and Clara's own private film footage spanning the years 1932-1945. We use some of the DVD's footage here with Mary's permission. You can contact Mary if you would like this film to be part of your own Pilates library: marybowen18@sbcglobal.net.

Kathy Grant footage provided courtesy of Cara Reeser.
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Oct 09, 2016
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The day that you lose your teacher is a very sad day. Think of it. We aren't fortunate very often to find really good teachers. Joe was never given the attention and the acceptance he needed and that he deserved, but I really in his mind what his dreams do. Nothing. He would have thought of these people come in and if you're 49 years to his grave site, I think this would have really stunned him. So he's made it now.

I think he did it. He doesn't care anymore. I think he's so pleased, you know, even though his body was taken from us 49 years ago, I think it's important for us to realize that the spirit lives on and spirit lives on in us and the many people that are teaching his philosophy in his work around the world. So the, it's really becoming more and more and more and more well known and it's just a tremendous, tremendous gift. What does it mean to be a polite person? I thought certainly to do plays as a piece of it, to share plot these maybe an even bigger part of it, but perhaps it means, yeah, something else. Maybe [inaudible] is an opportunity. I thought it was about the work. It was always about the work we do.

We do with love and blood and sweat and tears and heart and bodies and pain. It's all in there and yes, we don't make much money, but we have enough. We have at work that makes us happy. We have fulfillment that we have friendship beyond most professions, which a privilege to be a [inaudible] and let's face it. Back then he was not that well known at the time he died.

He said, I have not achieved what I wanted too cheap with the method. He dreamt up educating the young, have them start young. Every hospital should have a rehabilitation center with the lad, this equipment and this training. He felt that very plain and simple. Someday a whole world will be like, it would be better off to me.

I feel our goals worth to achieve these goals then not unachievable. Well, I know I count. I can count on all of you out there, whether I'm here or not working to achieve his dreams. That's beautiful. Uh.


Paola Maruca
Yes, we, as Pilates teachers, are privileged. Thank you, this was beautiful.
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Thank you!
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Thank you, my dear pilatesanytime for this very motivating video, once again happy to be pilates teacher
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Privileged indeed ..... to do something you love and to be part of a Worldwide Community! Thank you for featuring this footage.
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Thank You! Brought tears to my eyes.
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This wonderful reminder of our heritage is truly uplifting. Thank you so much.
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So sweet 💕
Yes, it's a privilege to be a Pilates teacher :)

I so enjoyed watching this amazing video. Thank you to everyone involved. It's a privilege to be a Pilates teacher..

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