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Work Your Ballet Turnout

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Kara Wily explains why ballet turnout is important and how you can use it to become a stronger dancer. She shares what you can expect from her series of tutorials, and how these exercises will help you with your stability, strength, and flexibility.
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Jan 15, 2017
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I'm Kara Wiley and I'm filming, um, these ballet turnout videos for you today because ballet turnout from me was the big make it or break it for me to be able to go beyond just being a good dancer, to being a great dancer. I knew that I had it in me to, um, to, to break through that challenge. And I knew for my technique that was what was holding me back. I had to be able to, um, have stability, have strength and be able to kick my legs nice and high and get all those wonderful extensions. But for me, it started with figuring out my turnout and how to stand up on one leg and two legs properly. So I've taken these three, uh, workouts that I've designed, um, workout one, trying to formulate the idea of where is your placement, what is appropriate for you and how to recognize it so that you can use it in every single exercise. Then you do not only during this workout, but when you take class, video number two is going to take you through how do you apply some of these philosophies, principles that we use of the pull up of creating space for your length, uh, sorry. Creating space for your spine and for your legs to have the length that you need to put your legs underneath you with strength and, and, and power and stability. So workout number three then brings all those things together.

I wanted you to be able to still focus on what is the place meant. How do I pull myself up? How do I put it all together so that I can, um, you know, not only have stability, but then mobility. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for joining me.

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Donna S
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Just what I need !
Shelly R
This is exactly how I feel as a dancer. I know How to relate to this and become a better dancer

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