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Working with Knees

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Knee problems are common for many people. In this tutorial, Amy Taylor Alpers shares how you can work with knees in general, whether they are healthy, damaged, or recovering from surgery. She works with Martha, who has meniscus tears, torn cartilage, and arthritis, on the Wunda Chair, but also shares how you can work on other pieces of equipment.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

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Apr 16, 2017
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Excellent learning tool once again. Amy I am wondering about clients who are heavy, causing any disc cushioning to gone, and needing a brace. Do you try these same exercises?
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Amazing intuitive knowledge of knee mechanics!
I will be rethinking your information forever, as an active lifestyle requires longevity of our knees.
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Thank you, thank you, Amy. So many of my clients have knee issues exacerbated by cobblestones. You have given me new eyes to see with. Always gracias!!
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This was really helpful to me Amy! I will implement these tomorrow. I am working with two different clients, one who has had a knee replacement (20 months new), with slight drop foot, and another who has nerve damage from a car accident from her hip and knee affecting nerves to the foot. She has extreme drop foot and dorsiflexion at the ankle is non existent, however I have been able to discover minimal toe dorsiflexion. She is very thin and little muscle strength. Any suggestions you would have are greatly appreciated.
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Thank you Amy, great reminders and details of the hip, knee, ankle, foot mechanics. Makes me inspired to hear your voice explain this in such detail again.
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Thank you so much Amy! Very good explanation!
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Amy! I see you many times a week and I am ever inspired and excited by your ability to convey what you see inhibiting a body and how to use Pilates to return to life! Off to my studio to do the work newly invigorated ❤️❤️❤️
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Hi Amy! I've been working with this all week: With myself as well as clients. My knee was actually really acting up and was having trouble with stairs. All good now as are my knee clients
As always, your tutorials are very important and informative!:))
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Thank you for this invaluable information. I look forward to working on this myself tomorrow and then on to my clients.
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I blew out my knee 13 years ago and used Pilates to rehab....spent 6 months on crutches unable to walk ..now it is better than ever so I can really appreciate the fine tuning....
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