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Chest Lift Position

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Learn how to perform forward flexion without compression with this tutorial by Maria Leone. She looks at the positioning of the head and shoulders during common Pilates movements so that we can bend forward while being elongated. She starts by demonstrating flexion while standing and then moves on to the Mat and Reformer to show this concept in different exercises.
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May 08, 2017
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Hi everybody. I'm Maria Leoni and I want to take a moment with you today to discuss the positioning of the head and the shoulders during a lot of our Palladio's exercises. It's an integral part of wha...

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Absolutely perfect, clear tutorial. Very helpful to me in correct positioning. Thanks!
thank you Maria for this vert clear tutoriel !
Thank you for your comments. The positioning of the the upper body is so important when you consider the body is naturally falling into a forward curve. We must be diligent in how we teach this position to clients. Good luck in your teaching.
Thank you Maria! I'm putting this into practice with my next class.
Thank you! very helpful to correct my student posturer during roll down .
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Please do more tutorials! I love your approach. Thanks!
This was so hopeful. I think I could have been an example of the "don't" position before watching this tutorial.
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Thanks for your tutorial, Maria, and to Gia for being such a model student! Great cues, especially for correct head alignment. So many clients have forward head positions from work so it's challenging for them to achieve this, but so important to have that elongation.
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There is a lot of controversy in some pilates circles these days about the flexion in the upper trunk throughout the pilates repertoire. I have no problem with it as long as it is taught well, without compression and is included in sessions that have equal parts extension, rotation, lateral flexion and stabilization.
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this woman rocks....can't get enough of her! clear. precise. intelligent. powerful....
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