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There are so many aspects to running a Pilates business which can lead to many different questions. In their third conversation about the Business of Pilates, Cara Reeser and John Marston answer questions on many topics ranging from work-life balance, difficult clients, and so much more. This is very useful information that will help teachers and studio owners in many different ways.
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Jul 17, 2017
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What do you do when you're clients complain about prices? I say to them, really? How much do you pay for that Starbucks? You've gotten your hand right now and by the way, what can you do? One of the t...

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Thanks so much for your valuable insight. I really appreciate it. Sounds like I'm on the right track. :)
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hi! I'm thinking on starting my pilates studio in a few months. Very useful tips! I have a question for the class managment:
1. How can you work in small group (up to 6 people)? Is better having particular time the class ..or something else?
2. charging them per lesson or per month?
Happy to hear opinions. Love from Greece
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Dear Maria I think having classes that meet the same time each week on your schedule can be very helpful. We do packages for classes and punch cards this also helps folks come back. Is that clear? Good luck. Hugs.
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Cara Reeser learning from you helps keep my product good! xx
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what do you mean "punch cards"? thank you for your advice
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Love your approach I find it empowering to be honest - especially regarding the pricing ... no more apologising!
MARIA Punch cards is a reward program. So in the case of Pilates classes it works like this. For every 10 classes a person takes they get one for free. We have little cards that track their visits. This is a common practice here with coffee shops and other service businesses.
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Thank you!
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So very helpful! Thank you 👍🏼
Cara can you make a recommendation on a Scheduler for a small studio? I have been using MINDBODY for years but I need to make a change. The learning curve was big in the beginning and normally I am scheduled out for months at a time. I have been in business for a long time since 1996. I also have an older cliente.
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