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Cueing from the Pelvis

30 min - Tutorial


Use simple ways to find the pelvis so you can have better alignment with this tutorial by Pat Guyton. She takes a different approach to cueing from the pelvis, and then shows how this cue can be integrated into more complex movement. She also shares how your body can change each day and what she notices in her own body and with her clients.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat

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Aug 13, 2017
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Today we're going to look at killing from the pelvis. We do this all the time. Sometimes maybe a different approach is a new way to go, and sometimes some interesting results can happen. So this is a ...

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Thank You so much for that tutorial
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You are welcome - so much fun to share at Pilates Anytime!
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This tutorial has been absolute Magic! In my own body it has made a huge difference in helping me to feel stronger from the inside out and it is such a simple method that works in so many different ways. In teaching my clients I have seen simply amazing results and I'm so grateful that you have shared this technique. Thank you so much
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Thank you. I teach my tutorials at a pace that I would use to deliver information to a client. This requires a pace that the individual can digest with incremental bites of information. I trust teachers to get the concept quickly but I also want them to be successful at teaching, interviewing the client to see how they feel, reviewing or restating, and moving forward with positive results. I am so happy that you have enjoyed teaching this information. It makes teaching so much more rewarding when we know that we have communicated with success. I am gratified that your students are able to progress forward. Feel free to let me know how you apply this to other exercises.
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I really enjoyed this. Thank you!
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Fantastic! Thank you!
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Thank you. Please let me know how your students respond! That is the best satisfaction we can give and get.
I love this tutorial! And all of your tutorials, really. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
wow, that made my body feel so much more anchored on a deeper level and made so much sense. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge.
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Thank you both. I've been getting "the wow" from your ribcage tutorial for the past few weeks, so looking forward to giving these a go too! Even more please!
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