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Pat Guyton

Pat Guyton

Pat Guyton is a Master Teacher, published author, registered physical medicine assistant, featured speaker at the American Academy of Osteopathic Medicine convention, video collaborator, Pilates Method Alliance Alumni Board Member, former United States Gymnastics Federation Assistant Director, and a sought-after ambassador and teacher of purposeful Pilates across the globe.
Read More But Pat's clients and students simply think of her as the perpetually positive, remarkably limber, insightful one with a heart for healing.

Visualizing each session beforehand, and recording notes after every interaction to improve for the next session; crafting relatable scenarios for every walk of life (for example, the pilot learns from Pat about pelvic floor by "keeping the horizon level and don't tip the wings"), developing curriculum and constantly recalibrating and researching; Pat lives to care for others. Negative language, dogmatic correction, and perfection have no place in Pat's life or her studio. Every program is crafted to set the individual free, not chain them to an on-site program. Pat develops every move with a realistic, heartfelt consideration of the whole person.

When Pat is not in the studio, she enjoys consuming copious volumes of history, science, sociology, and politics in addition to scuba diving, cleaning her house to "clear her head", or hiking with her husband… preferably above tree line. Pat believes exercise and life should be enjoyed. You will hear her say, "You should not need to 'recover' from a healthy workout." Pat enjoys creating exercises that compliment the life each client enjoys, whether that is yoga, riding, running, dance, gardening, or, in some cases, competing in the Olympics.
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