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If you are a teaching looking for guidance on cueing your client, then this tutorial with Monica Wilson is great for you! She shares the simple but specific way she cues her client by taking Juliana through a basic Reformer workout, adding descriptions of why she chose a certain cue. You can watch this workout to see these cues in action, or you can take the class and see how these cues feel for you.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Aug 30, 2017
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All right. Today I'm going to do a tutorial on cuing. Everyone is so kind and nice, have always given me some great feedback on my queuing, so I decided to do it to tutorial on it. There are so much to go through on teaching a client and so I'm just going to try to keep this as simple and specific to queuing a client and not the whole psychology that goes into teaching somebody, so we're not going into all the psychology, but first and foremost you should know your client. You should know what they're capable of, what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are and why they're coming. You should have had a good interview with them and maybe they're advanced and you already know them for awhile and what they're able to do, but you should really take time to get to know your client and create a personalized session for them.

Be It on the reformer that we're going to do today or on the mat. I know Juliana, I've worked with her for a little while so I know what she could use strengthening on and what she's really strong on as well. So I'll be taking that into account. So I'm going to use the basic reformer today to illustrate different ways of queuing, but I do want the take home message to be that you want to give your client energy with your cues. So you'd want to only choose one cue or one correction per exercise because if you bog them down it gets just really slow and then they don't feel very good about themselves and they feel like a failure and there's, they're not getting it.

So trying to stick to just one cue is so hard and something that I probably fail all the time, but very, very important. So we're going to be sticking to one queue. You want to be giving them life and energy with your cues, keeping the fluid fluidity yet, and really use your intuition and your imagination when queuing them. So hopefully that gives you a little start on what we're going to be looking at today. And we're going to start with a basic reformer. So go ahead and come forward and lie on down. Great.

Your head's going to go on the head piece and Yep. And your feet are going to go right up here. Great. And toes are about two or about three inches apart. Heels together. I have Juliana's on a grots reformer. She is on four springs.

You're welcome to just listen to this tutorial or you're welcome to go on a reformer and try out the cues yourself and see how they feel to you. So you have your nice box. I'm not going to be teaching her as a basic client a, she is an advanced client. I'm just going to be going through different queues with you, but keeping her a level in mind. She you us a little bit off to your left. Sorry. Gonna Scoot over.

I mean to the right. Thank you. All right, beautiful. To start off with, we're going to pull our belly in. That is the most important thing in Polis is your powerhouse. You can't add another queue unless you have your powerhouse. So once you have your pals, then we can keep going off of that. So we're going to pull your lower belly into our lower back and pull out the carriage all the way out and then pull back in and pull out and try to keep the carriage moving. Now Amnesia shoulder with part, good pulling out.

She's got a wonderful powerhouse. So she's really pulling into the mat. We're going to do tents. We've got about four more now stretching out long. I love to use a piece of Taffy here that you're just going to stretch out as long as that Taffy and coming in. Good. Stretch it out and pull it in.

And let's do one more and in another cue I use often for the foot work is thinking of, and it's kind of interesting. We're here at the beach is a wave as it goes on to the sand. You never see it really stop and you never really see it. Start again. And that's really a beautiful analogy here. So we're going to pull our powerhouse in and I want you to go as if a waves going out into the sand.

And then pulls right back in and it goes all the way out and it pulls right back in. So use your muscles, reach as long as you can and you pull back in. Great. So powerhouse is most important and she's imagining her body moving like a wave. So it's starting to feel like she's capable of doing things that maybe she wasn't, didn't think she could feel earlier. And one more. And we're going to go up to the heel of the foot and pull back the toes. Good. All right.

And we're going to pull that powerhouse in and go out. Yes. Good. Pull it in and going out. And now I'm going to have you stay here for a second. Good. So one of the things that Juliana always is trying to do is strengthen her right hip. So right, so we're gonna, you have beautiful shoulders, they're straight across. We have hips straight across. But when you go for the effort and you're using your powerhouse, the right hip likes to shorten and come up a little bit.

So it likes to make this line just a little shorter. So I want you to keep that line just as long as the left. And so we are going to be working on that. So we're going to scoop in our powerhouse and go out keeping that line long. Beautiful.

So now she's going to have to start using the side of her hips and we're gonna keep those knees together. That's it. So she's paying attention to that and that also helps her to feel very unique. And this is a personalized session for her and valued rather than just a group session. It's not a pre-rehearsed queuing that you're going to give your client. You want it to be real for the person in front of you. One more good.

We're going to go down to toes and do tendon stretch right there and heels together. This is just an inch apart. Beautiful. And same thing. We're going to keep being mindful of hips as we pull in our powerhouse and go all the way out and out and out. Can you grow any taller, like a marionette being pulled up? Good. And we're going to stretch those strong hips all the way under the bar and pull up those heels. So yes, your heels are going under the bar, but because I'm focusing on her hip, I want her to think of her hips are going under the bar. Good. And stretching up. And three good and scooping in.

That's it. And two and one more and hold it up nice and tall. Long and pull the carriage in with eve. Beautiful. Good. So we're going to slide a little bit away from the shoulder pads. Getting ready for the hundred, a little bit more. Great.

Draw your knees into your chest. And I'm going to lower the bar. We're staying on four springs. I'm going to grab these handles. Hand them to her. All right, got it. Okay. So we're going to lift your head using your powerhouse and then straighten your arms and legs. Good and pumping. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Very nice. So always most important thing is the powerhouse. Great.

Nice. Little more turnout and a little relaxing in those knees. Okay, good. Scooping it in. So for Juliana, the thing that I love to work on her is making sure her stomach scoops the way she's doing it right now. Sometimes a big effort, there'll be a little poking out. So she's working really hard to create a line. Let's think about your pulling your inner, your arches to you, your inner thighs, through your pelvic floor, lower belly all the way up and exhale and let's see that line. Pulling all the way up. Scoop it in last exhale here and bend everything.

Relax. Excellent job. Nice. Rest your feet down. We're going to do frog and leg circles next. So let's see what that looks like. We're going to drop two springs and I'm going to grab her handles and I'm going to come back here to safely grab my extensions. And when you're back here or setting up the equipment, try your hardest. So hard to not change the subject of their workout too.

So how was your weekend and all of that stuff because then you change their focus. Try to maybe subtly add something to you know, did you feel that hip working when you did that though? When your heels were on the bar, could you feel how you that long, long, straighter. So we're going to try to keep your hips working together right now and bring both knees into your chest, in your belly. Good. And we're going to bring the legs back here. Good.

And we're going to put them on your feet. Excellent. Try to roll down your lower back and open the knees. And we're going to bring the feet down to your bottom for frog. So she already knows the X. I, I'm not again, teaching her the exercise as if she's never done it before. I'm working more on queuing. Okay. So we're going to pull the powerhouse in.

Excellent. And we're going to extend the legs forward. End Up and bend in. Good. She's doing a really good job of keeping her hips long. That's it. And I want you to stay out for a second. Good. And when you did the tendon stretch, you also did really nice a feeling that connection of a lifted arch and the lifted thought inner thighs, pelvic floor. So as the legs fully extend, you want to get that domino effect too. Okay.

And bending and good. And giving me two more. That's it. I'm gonna let go and that nice long, even hip. Wonderful. Stay here. And we're going to go into legs. Circles coming up, maybe just an inch and then opening and circle down. Scoop it in and good and open and down around. I'm going to let go and you're going to do three more. Okay.

And scooping in as you go down. Good. And I'm standing center so that you can work your legs evenly. Make sure you don't come up my left side of my nose. Give me one more up the center and let's reverse. Go down. Good. Open around. They're gonna make noise. No big deal.

Scooped in, good. Using the back of the thighs as you go down so that you can end feeling that connection of the scoop and give me one more really nice, great. Even hips. Love it. And that's enough. So just working evenly is what she needs to do to make that right hip stronger. We're just going to stretch. Grab those straps. It's not fair.

You should be able to enjoy a little stretch. There you go. Good. So the next group of exercises are the stomach massage. Bend the knees. And I'm going to slip these off. Good. And Juliana, you can go ahead and stand up or step off however is comfortable to you. I'm going to grab a pad underneath that you want to stand up for me. Go ahead. And I'm going to set it up for stomach massage. All right, where I'm going to go back to four springs if she can.

When you're a beginner, you generally do three springs cause it's pretty tough. And we're going to go ahead and sit down and put your toes on the bar and your hands on the front hitch. Good. Open the toes a little wider. Good. All right, that looks really nice. Okay, so now what I need to see is are her shoulders directly over her hip bones. So we're gonna really try to take that upper body forward, forward, forward. Oh yeah. Good. I'm really putting a lot of energy here and we're going to pull that belly right into here cause we need around that. Is that okay?

All right, good. So we're going to put the resistance of that springs. Let's use that Q again. I want the you to feel the lift in the arch and that's going to pull those inner thighs towards you and that pelvic floor. And now lower the heels, pull that arch back up and bend in. Good and pull an out press, Dan lift and an excellent and pull and out purists down lift and [inaudible]. So if you keep using that lift, beautiful, it's really nice.

And that right hip is starting to coach just a tiny bit behind you. So I want you to push it towards me as you go out. Oh yeah, good. And three more. Push it towards me as you go out. Yes. And one more length in it to me. Beautiful. And stay here. Now pull your belly in and up and go ahead and reach back your hands to the shoulder pads behind you. I'll drop a spring for you.

So we're on three springs now. Good. And I'm going to turn her hands away because women love to hyper extend the elbows and that is either is definitely different positions for the hands. But for her that's the best choice. All right, so we're gonna keep lengthening the right hip to me as you go out. Good down with the heels lifting good. And you're using your power house. Beautiful. Alright, good. So she's got that.

Jeez, got it. She's working hard. Good. I'm going to give her one more correction now because she's got it. So now I want your knees to bend up to your shoulders. Yes. Uh Huh. Cause we're working on her hips so she had the first correction and I want to keep working on it. And sadly when our knees open wider, we use different parts of our thighs. Beautiful. Stay in hold that gorgeous posture while I drop a spring.

You're going to reach forward your arms. Good. All right, I'm going to reach like that. Now send your right hip to me as you go out. Nice and long and exhale and no more drop. Just reach for my shoulders. So I want you to come in and exhale five, come forward more. Four, come on. Three touch my shoulders too and go out. Good. And exhale. Ahhh. One more.

Who she cut the knees. Inhale. Keep the knees narrow and you curl under your bar. Yeah. Yes and beautiful. Nice. Very good work. Okay, go ahead and step off and I'm going to grab your short box and set up for that. So I'm going to, her bar stays on two springs. I'm going to lower that headpiece and I'm going to come back here and grab the bar and box simultaneously so that we just move as efficiently and she's not feeling awkward and trying to fill the empty silence of her non workout with you know, questions.

So come on over here and we're gonna sit down on that black pad. Hey, go ahead and slip your feet under the safety straps and there'll be as wide as you can get it. Good. All right. And I want you to have just a hands with distance behind you a little bit further back still. Alright, good. Okay. Beautiful. Sit up tall. Feel both of your sit bones. You're a little leaning back. There we go. Good.

I like it. And now we're going to wrap your arms around your belly. Little lower, like your lower belly. There we go. And round your back as round as you can. So we're going to keep the shoulders right over the hip bones, but the whole spine is going to make this fantastic c curve. Good, good, good, good. Nice. Alright. Bring your chin to your chest as well. Wonderful. All right, I love using that safety strap to help me get a better lower c curves.

So you're going to pull that arch towards you and your inner thigh and your pelvic floor and your lower belly and we're going to roll back our powerhouse. Excellent. Until you get that waistband on the box and then come forward scooping it. Woo. Love it. Nice job. And again, use the inner thigh with that arch and pelvic floor scooping in so many different images I use on this one. I love to think of a party blower that you've just blown out and then it curls itself back in. That helps people a lot.

Two more arches. Inner thighs scooping in. Yes. And exhale. Sometimes I put my arm here as if the ceiling just dropped and they need to stay under it. So this isn't, they want to say really curled in and give me one more. So you're going to pull that inner thigh towards you. Yes.

Her hips are staying very. Even. Think of your six pack up per set. Middle set. Lower. Yeah. Everyone wants to feel like they have had a six pack. Right? Go ahead and grab your bar. Alright. And all my cues are not like, oh Monica created them one day.

All on her own there. Your cue should be part of your whole life and what you've experienced in your lifetime, what you've heard, what you love, what's inspired you so that you can inspire your clients all. So I want you to lift off of your seat and we're going to pull back in the ribs a little bit more cause I want you to connect the back of the thigh instead of pressing your knee down. Feel the hamstring a little bit there, right where the seat connects and feel it pulling your om into meal. That was away from me. So we're going to pray for us and okay. And we're going to lift your arms up. All right.

And we're going to go back straight as a board [inaudible] and come forward. She has got a little adjustment there. So I would like to see this more supported. So what are we gonna do? We're gonna draw a line from one hip to the other and pull your lower belly behind that line just another inch.

And you can actually pull back in the waist more. That's it. Good. And then I love what you're doing here. And so there is a real nice connection of stretching your hip flexor. Now instead of tightening them and using them, we're going to pretend this is a paint roller and I want you to paint the ceiling. Don't skip any spots, stay lifted. Beautiful. And come forward just about six inches. That's a lot nicer.

And pull an in and lifting off the those right where the thigh connects to the seat and forward. So Nice ant scooping in hand placement of course is all part of that. But that's different tutorial. And one more scooping in and up and forward and restaurants. What do you think? Did she paint the ceiling? Good job. All right, now we're going to do side reach, one of the hardest exercises to teach and we're going to or to execute, scoop your belly. And again, we have this line and you're gonna keep your belly right there.

Lift your arms up without losing that belly and lean forward and hold. And we're gonna keep both hips on the box. Maybe. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to separate my sip bone, so I really feel I'm pressing out on that strap. And then my belly can pull in and up as I go to the right. Stretching to the right that is beautiful.

And then pulling up that cue might work for your client and separate those legs so your powerhouse can pull in and up. Cause otherwise you see I'm leaning on one hip and the other, sometimes they need a squeeze their hips together instead of separating them and center. And there's many different um, progressions of this exercise and up hold here. I'm just gonna make you a little different. Now we're gonna lean a little more forward and because you could do that. Well, I'm going to have you pull in and up from my fingers and now reach over to the right lifting from my fingers. Beautiful and comm center. And again, we're going to pull in and Nope, we just bent over and I want you to lift. Oh yes.

And then over. Wonderful and fantastic. Rest your arms down. Good shot. So you can, you could stay almost straight like a cereal box on its side. There's a lot of different things that you want to work with your client, but this is what I wanted to do with her today to really strengthen her hips and to get her belly to scoop and not push out at all. We're going to do the twist, so the twist is going to be hard to keep that scoop. We're going to lift up those arms. Good long fingers. Yeah.

We don't need to grip for dear life. Push open those. Yes, look at that. Beautiful Scoop. Twist both your ribs to me as if you could ah ha. And then reach out all the way for that back corner by polling it. Yes. And come back up. Good. Sit up a little bit separate. That's it.

So you can draw it in and then twist both ribs to the camera and then reach out to the back corner. Yes. And pull it back up. Good. Two more sets. So twist and you want to feel your arches. Inner thighs. Everything's zipping up with. You. Might even think of a zipper pulling up with you. Beautiful. I love to think of a wet towel and those are my abdominals.

You need to ring out that wet towel as you go out. And one more. Let me see. You ring out your abdominals like they're a wet towel there we go. And reach beautiful and stretched down. Nice job. So the whole time I'm concentrating on making sure her hips are staying even and strong because she's using her powerhouse and that are powerhouses.

Pulling in and out, not just bearing down. She did a beautiful job of that. So that's where all my keys are building off of tree. This is a big hip one. So we're going to put the leg on the bar there underneath your legs. And when you take your right hip forward, I want you actually to keep it there. I know.

So I actually want you to try to bring your right hip forward under you as you bring that knee. [inaudible] good. Just rest your foot maybe on the mat. Excellent. That's it. Good. Excellent. Hands underneath that knee. Scoop your belly into. Lift that leg up. And now we're going to straighten the leg up to your nose and bed. Good. We're going to limber it up two more. We're going to not use.

See you gotta zoom in and out of your client the whole time. You're not going to use your foot to hold you. Ta-Da. That's it. Nice. Now you have to use your belly more. Good. And you're gonna walk up your leg until you get to your ankle. Good. So this is the right hip we're always working on.

So I'm going to have it come forward just a little more and scoop in. Let's look down at your hips. Do they look a little uneven? Okay, so when the whatever leg is up, the opposite side of the abdominals have to work more. Go ahead and reach all the way forward. Touching your stomach onto your thigh, chest to your knee, head all the way to your toes. Good. Keep pulling that leg tight to you with your abdominals. And let's rock back.

That's do like a pelvic tilt. Keeping that right hip working excellent until your left foot is taught. Is it taught? There we go. Good. Now let's use that six pack. Walking down, we're gonna use your lower. Set your middle, your upper, and go ahead and go into a back bend. Beautiful. And head looks up at your hips, keeping them even. You're going to reach that right hip away. As you use your upper set, your middle set, your lower fantastic can come all the way up to that leg. Good and rock back a little and two more.

Lengthening that right hip. Yes. Lower set, middle. Keep lengthening it. And here we go. Look up and look at your hips and put lay. Yes. Cuban. So good. Julian. I love how much effort she's doing. One more. We're going to lengthen that right hip and scooping in.

This is what teasers about. I mean tree, it's teaser one leg teaser. It's saying I can do a sit up with one leg up in the air. Come on forward with that leg. You're going to keep the hips even as you bend the knee and grab the toe. Grab the toes. Yeah, both hands staying square and stay real tall.

So we're going to rock forward about three inches. Beautiful. And we're going to straighten the knee, lengthening that hip, lifting the chest. Good. And switch legs. Yes. So at the end of the tree. Good. So even out those hips, how's that feel easier? Yes, it is easier, isn't it?

And we're going to stay with your shoulders right over two. All right. And let's limber it up. Straighten it one with your powerhouse. That's right too. She didn't forget this time. Hold up the leg. No right leg working as it and walk up the leg. Good. And stretch down. Sometimes you just have to lower that leg.

Tuta even at your hip. So kind of let it turn off a little bit. Stretching. Let's get forward even more stomach onto that thigh. Yeah. All right, let's do almost a pelvic tilt. Drawing your powerhouse back. Good until that straps a little more taut and we're going to use her lower set of her six pack. Her middle set. Nice. And my hands just head comes up out of intuition and I said I wasn't gonna talk about hand placement but is on her right hip just so that it stays square.

How's it out? Dalvin stay square. We need to, I forgot to, I'll see. I jumped ahead to hand placement and we're going to rock back a little bit and I've should've focused more on send your left hip away. Use your lower set of you. Keeping your hips square. That's it. Fantastic head lifts. Use Your upper set. Is that left hip square? Thank you. Middle set. Lower. Oh yeah.

Stretching a little more forward until your shoulders are over your hips. Yes. One more drawing your [inaudible], your inner thighs and your pelvic floor. She's got it. And we're going to keep her hips even as you melt away. Exhaling shoulders, even. Inhale, head up and looking at those hips. Middle set. Yes. Lower all the way forward.

Bend the knee as you grab your toes and sit up super tall. That's it. It's called picking your apple off your tree and you're going to grab both hands on the toes. It's more of a SCIATICA nerve stretch. As you straighten your leg open. Let's, let's try that again. Let's roll. Open your knee as you straighten the leg rather than once it's straight. Yes. Beautiful. Good. And she's really trying to stay even weight on her hips.

Nice. Good. Okay, go ahead and step off either direction and I'll bring everything down. So we're gonna, we're done with our pad, we're done with our box. And again, you want to move as efficiently as possible so that your client can stay in the moment. So you're going to move from one direction to the other. I'm gonna lift the head piece and we're ready for elephant. So I want you to get on safely. So I want you to put on one hand, one foot.

So right hand, left foot up on the mat. Left hand. Yep. Right. Okay. Beautiful. Let's have your thumbs on the same side as your fingers scoop in and let's bring your shoulders over the bar that holds. That's it. Good. Now I want you to create a beautiful rainbow with your back. There you go scooping in and I want you to push your heels down into the mat and I want you to lift all the toes up off the mat.

And I want you to not press into the back of your knees. Good. Try to keep your cues as positive as you can. So instead of focusing on everything not to do, always try to think of what to do. So we're going to lift that [inaudible], those, um, arches. Ah, and we're going to lift those inner thighs and that pelvic floor and that little lower belly. We're going to keep the little lower belly off of me so that we could work the back of the thighs to go out a few inches and then skip that lower belly off. Good. And pushing out with those instead of the back of the niece. And Hey, let's even think about those hips, eyes on your hips and push out with them too instead of the upper body.

And let's do two more. They look even one more really good. And now let's kneel down gently. Feet go against the shoulder paths. She is very flexible in her feet and that's really wonderful because she can get her heel against the uh, shoulder pad. When you can do that, then you can really strengthen your hips, which is so we can get, keep focusing on that. Let's round your back. Don't do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do like the letters c sitting back even a little more good a rat. And you want to have oppositions. So push into the bar. So your ribs and this feels strong. Good.

And we're going to pull away from me and you're going to stretch out those legs and pull back in. Good. Pull away from my hands. So I'm going to start with our powerhouse. Go out further. How far can you go out with those knees pulling like, good. Now I want you to think of the side of those hips and use those to push out the springs. [inaudible] too beautiful and come in. Beautiful.

Let's switch to an arched back so we're not gonna move our body weight. We're just going to lift our head up and switch our spine to an arched back. Beautiful. Come up maybe just a bit. Good. And hold my glass of wine right here. Don't spill. Actually my Martini and we're not gonna spill.

The liquid is up to the rim and we're going to keep using your hips cause you're so good at that. So we're going to push out a, Huh? Annan good. Use your powerhouse first. There we go. Powerhouse. Yes. Powerhouse. That's it. Powerhouse. I'm always zooming in and out, trying to, not over-correct, but make sure that she's using her powerhouse. Work in her hips. Two, all the way in. You've got five inches. Aha. Do another one come in now all the way in. Just up. Just up.

There we go. So once I zoomed back and I was like woo, or zoomed out, I'm not sure which one caught that. Let's do the dreaded knees off. We're going to round our back and our knees off. So where's my round? Round? Round. Round. Round. Good. We're going to bring our hips almost over our knees. Actually. Your legs. She women here straight. You're so strong. Skip it.

And I want you to still feel that connection of the inner thighs pulling up your pelvic floor and lower belly to hover those knees up off the mat, up, up, up, higher, higher, higher, good. And go out. And I want you to scoop. That's the first thing. Look at my hand and pull your belly and to bring those legs in. That's number one. Pull your belly and that's it. And then we're going to add your bellies in, in hips, bellies in, and hips, bellies in and hips. And one more impressive.

Go ahead and lower down your knees. Really good. Woo. Go ahead and step off and we're going to do our cool down of running and pelvic tilt. I'm going to keep it on two springs because she is more of an advanced, but you could return to the four springs that you start on, or the m three. You can start off on three or four for basic. Go ahead and lie down. Good. Okay, so we're going to return to those cues that I've been working on. We're going to pull your belly in and we're gonna pull the carriage out.

That's it's, and we're going to come back in. Good. Now, if you have a correction to give them, try to make them feel good about it. So your um, your weight is a little off to the right. I should have corrected you before. Your shoulders are good, but your right hip was off. Putting, throwing yourself under the bus too is always very appropriate. Instead of just telling him, saying it's your client's fault, they're okay while we're here, why don't we think about those arches that are perfect right now. They're nice and lifted. Think about your, imagine your inner thighs and let's pull them out. Good.

Staying here. We've got that arch lift. We've got that inner thigh. The pelvic floor so we can get that little lower belly scoop and I want you to send, but let's squeeze the heels together for just for sake and stretch both hips under the bar [inaudible] and then pull them both up. So sometimes because I'm working on hips, I'm going to have her reconnect with the tendon stretch so she can feel the solidarity of both hips and she's feeling like she's accomplished and winning and uphold. Cause that's how you want your client to feel when they're leaving. Now let's bend the left knee and see if you can keep the right hip nice and long as it goes under that bar. And then pull up with that powerhouse in switch. Sending that left hip. Beautiful. Yes. Excellent.

Yeah. And now let's even double time that tempo cause it's running and we're gonna feel that nice little scoop all the way up to the crown of your head each time. Yes. And three and scoop and two and last one. Even hips that whole time. Beautiful. Come in. Last exercise.

Arches on the corners. Good. And we're going to curl up your pelvis. [inaudible] good. All right. Hold that's enough. And work in a squeeze out and come back in God and out. So I'm going to keep walking around.

She's working her hips really nice and easily, evenly. She's got it by now. She's working her powerhouse first. And then Julianna, you can look at your hips too. It's super important with your head actually down. You should be able to see are your hips working in alignment?

Yes. One more. Then when you come in, hold it in a little more in, and we're going to melt down one vertebra at a time. Slide your feet together and hug in your knees. Excellent. Good. So how do you feel? Good. Great. Okay. So I really enjoyed giving Juliana a beginner, basic, uh, not really beginner, but a basic reformer with a bit of an advanced attitude with it, but just really concentrating on keeping my corrections minimal so that my cues are more energizing and invigorating, and hopefully she feels energized for the rest of the day. Yeah. Okay, great.


Since I am working constantly on my cuing I really appreciate your tutorial about it . As a trained PT I feel I always want to correct too much my clients alignment. I am preparing for advanced reformer and advanced mat examination. I struggle in cuing fast and effective and don't know how to put all the words in and keep a fast flow . Any suggestions??? Highly appreciated.
Monica Wilson
Hi Naschi, First thing first, start with the Powerhouse. Getting your client to use their powerhouse to initiate every exercise has a ripple effect on the rest of the body and will correct most movements. It's the hardest rule to follow, but just cue one thing at a time. Whether it's giving them direction or a correction, just one cue. If you really can't let something go, correct it with your hands. For example, if their hip is lifting, or feet are moving, or shoulder out of alignment with their Pilates box, correct the placement with your hands rather then cue them more. If efficiency is more your concern, pay great attention to the words your master instructor uses to cue the exercise. Then adapt your own or what feels natural to you. Finally, record yourself teaching a lesson and then take it yourself. It is eye opening:) Best of luck! Monica
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Well now theres an idea!! If i didn't hate the sound of my own voice so much I would try that. Would be interesting and scary too! I love listening to other instructors and find that so much of the time their personalities really show thru in their teaching styles. I have been told I am very descriptive when I teach. I always worry about being too wordy, but it seems to be a style most of my clients seem to enjoy and it def fits my personality. I think after a few years we all find our own voice.
You are the best Thank You Monica :)

That was eye opening! I would love to see more such tutorials with other clients with other problems such as hip joint arthrosis... I loved the cueing and loved to observe the corrections! Thank you very, very much!

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