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Diaphragmatic Breathing

15 min - Tutorial


What is considered "good breathing?" In this tutorial, Tom McCook explains what diaphragmatic breathing is and how you can achieve this in your practice. He teaches the anatomy of the diaphragm on a model and in your own body as well as offering exercises where you can see how it helps your movement.
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Jan 21, 2018
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Really found Tom's lesson very descriptive and helpful
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Very clear and visual explanation - thank you
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Tom It was such a gift to finally meet you for the first time yesterday and waking up to this new video was like Christmas morning! :)
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Well done, Tom. Great example of how using the Franklin Method can enhance awareness, breathing and Pilates exercises.
Another great video! Thanks Tom
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I'm so glad this was a featured video. Excellent breakdown for this nervy gal. Thank you Tom!
thank so much!!!!!!! anatomy biomechanics kinesiology breathing all loud and clear me right now!!!!!THANK YOU
As a recent graduated Franklin Method Level 1 Educator (soon going to Level 2), I love to hear Tom McCook speaking about one of my favorite subject. Thank you!!!!! Awesome as always.
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Thank you Tom. Education is the key to better movement. So glad you are a leading the way.
Awesome and crystal clear cues, my lower back and rib-to-hip space feel so relaxed and worked out at once! This tutorial will be of great help with all of my clients. Thank you :)
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