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Join Elizabeth Larkam and Amy Havens as they discuss Elizabeth's new book, Fascia in Motion. She shares how long it took her to complete the book as well as what motivated her to write it. She also explains how it is different than other books and how that will appeal to movement educators as well as practitioners.

To learn more about Fascia in Motion, visit the Handspring Publishing website.
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Feb 17, 2018
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What a lovely, humble and beautifully emotional person, such an inspiration!
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Dear Elizabeth, thank you for your invaluable contributions to our movement world. You are wonderful!
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Elizabeth, we are so fortunate to have this amazing source of work. It definitely is an amazing source for me and my clients everyday. I absolutely loved the images of Joe Pilates with the overlay of fascial lines. That was brilliant, and most assuredly let's me see those lines more clearly. Like you, I really hope we continue to evolve Pilates.
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Bought the book ; love the book and more importantly use the work and am learning from it. Thank you, Elizabeth.
After listening to the interview , I am wondering "how" Elizabeth plans to "build on the book"? Will we there beworkshops or perhaps an opportunity to study with Elizabeth specifically (as Madeline Black is doing with her work in her book) on fascia?
I know whatever Elizabeth's plans are, we will all benefit.
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Thank you Elizabeth you are so precious! Thanks so much for all your insights and all your contribution to the world of movement!
Awe, so well spoken Elizabeth so passionate and moving! You are amazing! Thank you!! Can hardly wait to get the book!
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Can‘t wait to have your book in my hands and in my head !!!! Thank you so much !
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Thank you Elizabeth for all the great information you share. I can’t wait to get the book. I am so proud of all your accomplishments & very proud to let people know that I took my first Pilates training with you.
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Thank you Elizabeth for this amazing book and what you have done for the development of Pilates. I am so proud to be a witness, from a workshop to a training course, till the birth of the book. Hope to learn from you again soon.
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Colleagues and friends I so appreciate your generous comments. We have been together in Pilates Anytime or Pilates In person for years if not decades. Now the book is yours to share with clients and students. Handspring has signed contracts for translations into Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, with additional languages in negotiation. Since I am not able to sign your individual books I’ll include the greeting here: ‘To You with gratitude for your support of this book and admiration for your dedication to the practice and teaching of Pilates evolution. All Best Always, Elizabeth’
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