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Corkscrew Breakdown

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Learn different versions of the powerful exercise, Corkscrew, in this tutorial with Adrianne Crawford. She starts by explaining the purpose of the exercise and then goes through a progression so you can work your way up to the full movement. She also tells us the common mistakes to look out for so you can keep your technique clean while you practice.
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Jun 10, 2018
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I'm Adrian and I'm here to teach you a quick tutorial. May Not be that quick, but a tutorial on corkscrew. Got Colleen demonstrating on the grouts machine. We've got two springs on, headrest is down and she's holding onto the handles behind her. So with the corkscrew, it's a side strengthening exercise. It's also a very powerful exercise. You want to make sure your elbows are down and the tendency on these exercises is to let your elbows clinch forward because it's a natural reaction to try to, to support yourself. But I want you to try not to do that.

So we're going to start at a 90 degree angle with both legs. She's lying flat, her spine is long, her neck is long, and very important, like I said, is to have that head rest all the way down because you want to make sure you're not kinking your neck. All right through, she's a nice Pilati stance. Her legs are really long air right at 90 degrees. So what I'm going to have her do is she's going to take her her legs and circle them to the right center all the way around to center. It's a corkscrew. So she would reverse that. While you're doing this, you want to make sure that your hips demonstrate the hips going off. Don't come up.

You want to make sure those hips are down so just the legs are moving around. They can start really small. The other really important thing, go ahead and rest for a second is that when you're doing that circle that your feet don't shift. Cause as you're circling, what will happen is the feet will begin to move this way. So you want to keep that stretch even in the legs. So go ahead and take the legs back up. She's got her healed. Even as you circle, keep those hips from lifting. Come back to center. Don't lift your hips. Stay right there. So ready. She's going to start to move.

And what I want to make sure is that she's not lifting here. Try not. That's better that it's got a really strong powerhouse, active Walmart, each side to go to the right. And then the other thing you want to start thinking about here is how far you can go without letting those hips lift. So band and rest. So now I'm going to have her demonstrate a more powerful move where the legs are up. And ideally she's going to try to go as far, maybe like 45 degrees. Really is the the ideal without so much lift here.

So keep pulling down. There you go. And then she's going to go 45 degrees down and then 45 degrees over. Keep pulling down, keep pulling down that correct centers. I'm going to get out of the way. She can go left or do you five degrees, 45 degrees, 45 center rest. So you can see how that gets bigger and more powerful while now we'll add a lift.

So legs at 90 degrees turned out she's going to go 45 degrees. Don't let your hips lift. That was a big lift. So let's do that again. So she's here. She's going to go to the right, so I don't want to see this coming up. Keep pulling down. There you go. Keep pulling down. That's it. That's it. That's it. Stay down and center.

And now she's going to, I didn't tell you what you were going to do, but you are gonna go into a little lift. So just the first part, vertebrae can come back down. So go left 45 degrees, 45 degrees, 45 degrees, and then little lift rest. Another thing, when you're going to go up, you want to make sure go ahead and straighten your legs. That when you get ready to kick up, that I'm gonna do it for you. So don't do anything. They don't let your feet fall so far back so you can go a little bit back with the feet. Then a kick, you can go a little further and then come back down and rest.

So let's have you rest for a second. She's going to take those legs back up. You're going to demonstrate the 45 degrees with just a four a four vertebras off. Ready Circle, circle, circle. Little kick much better with the legs and circle. You can go a little bit further back if he want. There you go. That's it. And last set around her elbows are down. Beautiful.

Last one. She's doing a good job. Stabilizing her back. Add rest. So that would be another version of the corkscrew. Now the next one is where you're really moving. So these are really gonna move and they're going to get more powerful and bigger. So yes, you are going to go up without the hip twist. So all the way up, so ready, her elbows are down. She's going to go, well now you're going to actually do the twist first. [inaudible] so she's gonna twist first. [inaudible] all the way around, and then she's going to give it a good kick up and then I'm going to move.

And then she gonna get over over big kick. Now what I'd like to see is more lift here. So get those feet reaching more and now control it. Control it so the legs can drop and around. So here comes a big kick. Now can you reach more with those feet? There you go.

And now control the down dam down and around to the left and left. Now we're going to speed through it. Ready and down. You go and circle around and lift and down around lift. And that's enough. Take a break. The last version is where you're going to go all the way up and add a twist.

This is a more advanced, what we call super advanced corkscrew. So what she'll do is she'll start in 90 degrees, she's gonna end up doing a big circle. Go ahead and Jackknife up and now to come down. She twists her hips, tries to land center as she does another circle and lift. This is a tricky one to get the angle to fall center around, around and lift. Get that those feet to lift more. And then careful coming down around. Don't let your next lift.

You want to keep those next long. And those elbows down and circle. Now these go quickly come down around, add, lift and down around circle lift. And that's enough. Come on down arrest. And that would be the different versions of the corkscrew. Good job. Okay.


lovely tutorial. perfection.
Thank you. Exercise totally changes by keeping the sides down
Learned a lot about body placement from this tutorial.
Thank you
Thank you I needed to refresh my memory on that one! I’ve learned the last version but with one foot on the strap and the other one crossed in front of it. Have you heard of it? I guess it’s a modifications to get some assistance...

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