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You will gain an understanding of how you can stabilize your hips with this tutorial by Dana Santi. She breaks down a few Mat exercises, showing you tips that you can use throughout your practice. This concept will teach you that in order to stabilize, you need to free yourself.
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Jul 15, 2018
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi, and today we are going to hopefully gain an understanding of how we can stabilize the hip by freeing the hip. All right, so go ahead and lie down. I'm going to have you start in the single leg circle position and we're going to take this right leg up and we're going to take the left leg and leave it down. And her leg here, I'm going to have her just place her knee right up to the ceiling. I'm gonna have her keep her foot nice and straight. Okay. And the toes are kind of up and just take it and kind of subtly, subtly, push this leg in towards the Mat. Just a little.

Okay? From here, we're going to take this leg and we're going to keep this knee so it faces the back wall. And as this leg does, the stabilizing, okay? The, I want you to think of taking your left. Oh bleak. Okay. And kind of pulling it back. So it's going to stabilize the hip of the standing leg. Okay. This leg here we're going to take and we're going to bring it and we're going to cross it over like we would, but we're going to let, because these muscles are going to run here this way, so we're going to let it cross over. And as she does, we can kind of see how she's starting to roll a little bit in this leg and I don't want that, right? We're going to try to keep that stable.

So we're going to take here and as you're here, take this inner thigh, right? And just kind of subtly anchor it to the other inner thigh. Okay? This oblique bleak runs back still. Now as you come down and around in circle, right, we're going to not rotate the leg so much. Just keep it straight and then bring it up.

And then we try again and we're going to go over. And so you lift and now you take that righto bleak and you're going to reach that back. And now little bit, tap into that left inner thigh from here. The leg does a big circle. It can be really, really big. And then we're going to bring it right back home. So as you go again, take the leg, bring it over. Now take that left inner thigh and the right oblique a bit.

There you go. And then come around and bring it home. So let's get this one to move. I want you to do too real big and just focus on where those stabilization points are coming from. And Big Circle. Just go for it. Just real big. Just real big. And then up.

And now bring this down. Okay. And give me this leg up. Now each side's going to be different. They're always going to be different. We're never going to have the same. So what? She may be felt like she had the stabilize on her left side or her right side may be opposite. Okay, we don't know. Right?

So we're going to keep the knee nice and straight with tiny bit. Push a little tiny bit under the heel. Just into the mat. A little. Yeah, cause that'll unlock the joint from here. Take this left leg. Now she's still going to make sure that doesn't rotate the right side. And this left side's going to cross over. Feel that. So now take that leftover bleak and widen it.

Yes. And then come down, open it, keeping the knee straight, and then come home and go again and cross it over. And now tap into that right inner thigh. There you go. And then come down around, open it and home. And now you go cross and up. Make it real, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There you go. Okay. And yes. Okay, bring that down. So now the right leg comes up.

Let's reverse it. So we're gonna start with the open. Same action, right. Nice. Stable leg. And Yeah, you're to take it, take your right leg, open it, and now bring it around and it's comes over. Keeping that righto bleak back and then home and go again. Uh Huh. And Cross and do one more. And now get to that left inner thigh that a girl, and then home.

And now try the left leg up. And we're going to start with the open and open. There you go. See, each side's different, her right in her thighs. Got a handle on things. There you go. One more. Yes. And bring it home.

So now let's take the same type of concept and just put it into another exercise. So let's go into ticktock. Okay. The legs start straight up to the ceiling and we're just gonna put him side by side. And what I want you to do is just ever so subtly put a little bit of love in your inner thighs. Okay. Just a little substance. And now we're going to keep this straight line. It's almost like a, um, like a mermaid fin. Yeah. And from here we're going to take the right leg and we're going to go to the left. As you go to the left, I'm bringing both legs over, but I don't want that left leg right to open.

Okay. So it's just as if it was standing on the floor and your leg circles. So now take this right leg and you've got to reach it a little more. So the foot stays right next to the other foot and then over to the other side, keeping it nice and straight and she comes over. Now if she's here, we're going to take that same oblique, right, the left one and nail that back as we go to the right and now to the other side and lift them, pulling that righto bleak back, and then come back up and over, pulling the left oblique back and come back home. And now bend your knees. Okay, from here, your corkscrew. Same thing, right? We're going to take the legs and I'm going to ask you to bring them over your head. There you go. And just bring them down a little bit. There you go.

Inner thighs have a tiny bit of love, right? We're gonna take the legs, come down towards the right side of the spine. [inaudible] and they go into that ticktock position. Yes. Now we're not going to let that right leg open. We're going to keep it closed and both feet directly next to each other.

Come down, hold it, and now over towards the windows here, over to this left side. Now bring that over. Yes, this is your moment. Pull that, righto. Bleak back, and then come back all the way up and around. Yes. Okay. Now come down towards the left side of the spine. There you go. Don't let that left leg open. The right leg stays just directly next to it.

Come down around. You're ready. I'm going to help you. Now from here, that left Oblique is back. And we're going to lift a and then right there. So lower the legs down a little. There you go. And then come home. Yes. Bend your knees. Okay, now Coleen, if you would lay, um, like we're going to do side sidekicks.

Yeah. Hello. All right. Put your head up. Yes. Let's go back a little bit further. [inaudible] taking her right leg and she's going to place it out in front a little bit. But what I want is for her to just that whole side of the right leg, that right foot, and see if you can get your skin to just touch the mat. Okay, so now if we here, we take that left leg, we're right on top, right? Just like we were in doing the corkscrew. So this is the leg that's going to do the stabilizing, right?

This is the leg we're gonna let roam free. So if she comes forward, I'm not gonna care if this hip goes with her cause she's gonna stabilize this right hip back. You feel a difference and then come back. So I'm going to let her move that left leg, but she's going to really work that right leg. Yes, keeping that right inner thigh nice and tight, and then come forward again. There you go. Keep it. You've got to work that same inner thigh and now bring it back and lengthen. There you go. Let it move. And again, forward. Let the hip move and then bring it back. Let it move. Keeping that skin just touching. There you go.

And then bring it home. Okay, flip over to this side. Let's just do a couple on the other side. Stay even. Okay, so, and again, this is going to be different on each side. This side's a little bit easier for her to keep that down. Yes. Okay.

Soften your knee a little. There you go. Now keeping this left leg where it is. She's going to take the right leg and she's going to move it. There you go. And now pull this inner thigh, right. And now bring it back. Lengthen. There you go. And to the front, let it move.

And to the back. There you go. Now as you're back there, take that left leg and work that foot a little. Just subtle. It doesn't have to be tight and forward and bring it back. Work your foot. Work that leg at the bottom. There you go. And then bring it home. Yes. Now sit up. We'll face this way and let's do a cancan.

So we're gonna, we don't have to uh, kick the legs, right? We're going to just go back. Yep. Into the position. Hands at the sides. Now just take the balls of the feet. Literally, even if it's just the five toes and the same position that we've had, right? The feet are just touching each other side by side. Knees are straight up. So now she's going to take the left.

You're going to go over towards the left here and you have to take the right leg with you, right with that hip. So now you're right. Oh bleak is the one that's pulling back a bit. Yes. And both feet. We just want to keep them side by side right now. Come back and come over to the right and she needs to take that left leg with her and then bring it back home and over there you go. Now take yes.

And then even that foot out, come back up. Yeah, and over to me. Come over. That's it. And then come back up and let's do one more on each side and over. So this is really great because a lot of times your clients, they can see, they have the tactile information, right to feed off of.

They recognize that both sides aren't the same. They don't need both sides to work equally. They need to do different things on each side. Take that leftover Blake. There you go. And pull it back and then bring it home. Yes.

So hopefully some useful tips that you can take throughout all of the work. But really most importantly, recognize that in order to stabilize, you really do need to free yourself.


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great, Dana is back:)
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I really appreciate this video! I can’t wait to use these cues and tips with my students! THANK YOU
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Wow! I loved your explanations! They really make clear what is needed both to move and to stabilize. Thank you!
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Loved this! Thank you!

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