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Move Your Hips

15 min - Tutorial


You will gain an understanding of how you can stabilize your hips with this tutorial by Dana Santi. She breaks down a few Mat exercises, showing you tips that you can use throughout your practice. This concept will teach you that in order to stabilize, you need to free yourself.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jul 15, 2018
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Hi, my name is Dana Santi, and today we are going to hopefully gain an understanding of how we can stabilize the hip by freeing the hip. All right, so go ahead and lie down. I'm going ...


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great, Dana is back:)
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I really appreciate this video! I can’t wait to use these cues and tips with my students! THANK YOU
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Wow! I loved your explanations! They really make clear what is needed both to move and to stabilize. Thank you!
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Loved this! Thank you!

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