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2018 Bloopers

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It's the last day of the year and we think the best way to spend it is to remember all of the fun we had in the studio! Enjoy our bloopers as we share some of our favorite mistakes that were left on the cutting room floor, including a few epic mic drops! Thank you all for another great year!
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Dec 31, 2018
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You are all amazing thanks you so much for all the great videos in 2018! So grateful. Happy 2019!
Always a good time! I think my favorite this time was seeing Elizabeth Larkam with her smooth, buttery, soothing voice.....flipping the bird! Priceless! 🤣🤣🤣
Too funny 🤣
Thanks 🙏
So funny. I think you need a Best Blooping award. Life is full of bloops, celebrate them too?
had fun! thanks!
Thanks for the laughs!
😂😂 so good
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