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2018 Bloopers

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It's the last day of the year and we think the best way to spend it is to remember all of the fun we had in the studio! Enjoy our bloopers as we share some of our favorite mistakes that were left on the cutting room floor, including a few epic mic drops! Thank you all for another great year!
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Dec 31, 2018
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Welcome to Palladio's anytime. I'm Elizabeth Larkam and I'm so privileged, so happy to be back with you. We're filming in early January of two 17 2017 and we'd like to extend 18th [inaudible]. You can not put this on the bloopers. You can not do not put that on your bloopers. That'll be a blooper, right. I'll never be here again.

This is the last time we're here under these circumstances. When Amy was the host, we never had these problems. Are you ready? I always, I didn't never know. Like I feel like I'm like standing awkward. Hey, just hang in here. I think I'm just, I'm, I'm, I'm better just down here. Sorry. I just, I don't know what to do with my legs too. Blue and a rebel can do a little pelvic press, so you're going to get on your back. Of course gracefully. Hey, get out of my line of sight. I'm the star here. You people, hey, hey that go out there. He brings a little more energy into the body. Gets my heart rate going. A little bit breath going a little bit and let's come up now to the hands and knees. Amy, when you are ready, you're going to sit with your legs draped over the edge of the catty.

I just realized that the bars around the wrong way. We're going to slow it down just a little bit and get juicy in the hips. Find more range and hopefully show up with a little more power as well. We're going to use the foam roll here. Come behind the head. We're going to extend the spine over Piper Dodge ball. That's the place between your inner thighs. Anchor your tail and your sacrum into the math. Gentle please.

Pop has dropped like my, my bra, my bra. This will be whatever it will be and tell what you, sorry. Sorry Elizabeth. No problem. Ding. The lower leg and excuse me, I just burped on. Jia. Okay, but then we're going to do two more sets rolling onto the hip, so we're going to go to the right now. Keep Rolling. Rolling. Good. We'll do that one again. One in front of me. She's going to start the class. Her name is Amy.

We're going to work off a step and now the last Virgin Virgin, sorry. Oh God. I'm next going to show you guys, you guys, um, if you, uh, work the foot platform, what we're really working on is to get the hips to mobilize and all the different erection, uh, directions that it has. It's my second language. [inaudible] reach forward and turn to the side. One more squeeze. Drop the Mike and let's walk.


Caroline B
You are all amazing thanks you so much for all the great videos in 2018! So grateful. Happy 2019!
Always a good time! I think my favorite this time was seeing Elizabeth Larkam with her smooth, buttery, soothing voice.....flipping the bird! Priceless! 🤣🤣🤣
Too funny 🤣
Thanks 🙏
So funny. I think you need a Best Blooping award. Life is full of bloops, celebrate them too?
had fun! thanks!
Thanks for the laughs!
Kathleen M
😂😂 so good
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