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Postnatal Series Introduction

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Once you have a baby, all of your attention goes to your newborn which can leave little time for yourself. In this series, Carrie Macy Samper shares how you can fit in a bit of movement so that you can lift your mood and keep your body going. She shares her experience of how doing a little bit of movement each day made a huge difference in her recovery after her second child.
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Jan 24, 2019
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Hi, I'm Kerry Macy Samper. This is an introduction to my postnatal series. It's a series of three classes that I was inspired to start thinking about and create when I was pregnant with my second chil...


Thank you. Looking forward to these classes and jumping back in one month post party. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Post partum. :p
Isadora, I like your Freudian slip! Post party sounds good to me! :)
Ha! I wish it was more of a party. ;)
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I watched this, curious to see if it would be appropriate for a friend (my own child is 7!) and I will be forwarding the link. I teared up with you Carrie. Your compassion and understanding of the struggles new moms face is so needed. Pilates Anytime has been such a valuable resource for me as a mother, since my daughter was born it has been a way I could continue to stay strong when getting out to surf or go to the gym was just not an option.
Susannah, you are making me tear up again! I am SOOO happy this resonates with mamas :) Thank goodness we have this resource now! I haven't surfed in about a year now since before I was pregnant, and I am so ready to be able to get back out there! Enjoy the water for me :)

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