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Once you have a baby, all of your attention goes to your newborn which can leave little time for yourself. In this series, Carrie Macy Samper shares how you can fit in a bit of movement so that you can lift your mood and keep your body going. She shares her experience of how doing a little bit of movement each day made a huge difference in her recovery after her second child.
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Jan 24, 2019
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Hi, I'm Kerry Macy Samper. This is an introduction to my postnatal series. It's a series of three classes that I was inspired to start thinking about and create when I was pregnant with my second child. He's now four months old and it has turned into what you're going to see today. Something that I've realized since having kids is how challenging it is when you really need exercise.

Probably you need it the most in your life after having children, but it's almost impossible to fit it in. I completely understand now and commiserate with the mothers who say, I just don't have the time or that they just completely give up on exercise. What I've had to start to do is do things piecemeal, do a few exercises here, a few exercises there. Maybe do that one day and I will talk about that in these classes coming up. Something else that I was thinking about in my, as I as I went through my weeks postpartum was Joseph [inaudible] quote, physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness and how shockingly true this is.

I'm going to tear up just thinking about it because postpartum depression is so common and so real for so many women and among the many, many reasons that it could happen or that could make it happen, I have to think that one of them has to be the fact that we just can't move our bodies in the ways that we need to when we have a newborn. That little being requires our constant care and attention 24, seven and leaves really little time for yourself. So especially with the first two classes in this series, um, I made it with that in mind of thinking that if you can just do a little bit, it will make such a difference. And it really did for me the second time of my second child. And also on this other note, every women's birth experience, every woman's pregnancy and the aftermath is very different.

So please know that nothing can replace you feeling in your body. If this movement or something I might suggest to do feels good to you or not, always let yourself be your guide and what your doctor tells you to do. Be Your guide as well. Aside from that, I hope that doing some of these exercises will help lift your mood, will help you enjoy your baby more, and will help keep your body going a little bit and just feel a little bit better.


Thank you. Looking forward to these classes and jumping back in one month post party. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Post partum. :p
Isadora, I like your Freudian slip! Post party sounds good to me! :)
Ha! I wish it was more of a party. ;)
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I watched this, curious to see if it would be appropriate for a friend (my own child is 7!) and I will be forwarding the link. I teared up with you Carrie. Your compassion and understanding of the struggles new moms face is so needed. Pilates Anytime has been such a valuable resource for me as a mother, since my daughter was born it has been a way I could continue to stay strong when getting out to surf or go to the gym was just not an option.
Susannah, you are making me tear up again! I am SOOO happy this resonates with mamas :) Thank goodness we have this resource now! I haven't surfed in about a year now since before I was pregnant, and I am so ready to be able to get back out there! Enjoy the water for me :)

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