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Sprinkle 5: Letting Go

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Controlling our movements can be beneficial, but sometimes we can be too controlling over other aspects of our lives. Today, Sarah encourages you to look at where you may need more control and where you need to let go. She recommends finding time to sit and be quiet so you can allow yourself to let go of the thoughts that don't serve you.
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Jul 01, 2019
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Controlling your movements is almost always a positive thing, but many of us can be a little too controlling over our lives and various other things. So what I want you to look at for the rest of today and tomorrow is where you may need a little more control and perhaps where you need to let go of your control. That's an idea. I'm going to ask you to find time to sit and be quiet and think or don't think, breathe, definitely breathe. But, but allow yourself to kind of let go of those controlling thoughts that maybe don't serve you and be with your body and your mind and your spirit. And pay attention to where it may benefit you to control your movements a little bit more. So it's a little bit of an oxymoron there, but hopefully you're up for the challenge. Above and beyond that. I would love for you to do something that intimidates you or scares you.

So if you're a controlling person, maybe you take a wild dance class. If you're a less controlling person, um, maybe you need to take a powerful workout class. Give it a go. Have Fun.

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