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In this video, Gil looks at the filmy fascia, or "fuzz" while demonstrating why models and metaphors matter when looking at the body.

This video was filmed and produced by Gil Hedley. It includes videos and photos of dissections of cadavers (embalmed human donors). You can visit his website for more information about his workshops.
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May 01, 2019
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Oh, so whenever you say, you say, what is, what is body body is when you predicate to the body, the body is, and then your subject for credit, you credit Kate around that word is you tell a story. It's a metaphor. So if I say that the body is a machine, cool machine [inaudible] mechanical model, right? The mechanistic model body is a machine and I'm looking at aggregate of parts that work together to accomplish things. And what if it fails a break site can fix it. I can replace parts at parts and group parts, right?

That's the body as machines, a very useful model. We all are the beneficiaries of that model. Um, although with sometimes we, we bump up against the model when someone who is using it in quite an attached way, um, treats you more like a thing then as a conversation partner, I mean, do we really need to hear from a car, you know, right? Like I'm changing your tire shop, right? So this right model, the model can get in the way as well. Or, for instance, some my favorites, Saint Saint Francis, uh, back backup 13th century Monk Guy in San Francisco. You might know him today as the guy in your garden with the roads and the bald head and the bird. I'm sure that St Francis, but it was really quite a complex and beautiful, uh, a mystical figure, his deck. And uh, but he had, you know, he was a potluck as well.

He's spoken brother's son and sister moon. And when he referenced his Bobby, he spoke spoken brother ass. Okay. So his metaphor for the body, the body is a mule, a stubborn ambien animal, right? That needs to be subjugated or not listened to, but subjugated, right? That's a real, a willful beast, right? That you need to beat into submission. So we will do your will as if it's an opposition to you, right? So your identity is not with the mule, but against it.

Now we can imagine how they treated them. You'll on the 13th century as exactly how Francis treated his body, right? He deprived him, he fasted, um, and he any select [inaudible] and beat himself for his, whatever. It's many wrong doing study for magic himself to be killing and uh, and died at 42. Right at 42 years old. He was blind from fasting and bodied, beaten and broken.

And he succumbed to this metaphor and on his death, Vat laid himself out on the floor. Um, he apologized to brother ass for having taken it too far. I would have suggested, and had I been there [inaudible] you know, or add for any of those. Let's see, what else could we consider the use? Maybe your body is up and your body is a holy book. What did we body was a holy book. I don't know what happens. A holy book, a scripture, the pages of your flesh are marked in exquisite detail with the finest hand and scribed by spirit with the poetry of love, lessons of mercy, miracles, angelic hosts and the story of your life.

Perfectly told, illuminated manuscript and sacred writing, epic in scope, majesty and grace. Every hair on your head and line on your face. Every Russian tide of wind and wave moving you from within this living testament. Bear witness to the truth layered within you. Study this text with conviction, then reflect with care upon its meaning and enjoy the divine inspiration.

See models and metaphors. They matter. You're using them mindful of the behaviors that are generated by your choices of how you model your body neighbors' body. Now, why am I studying with your offer? I learned that the muscles should glide over one another. White Silk Stockings. I'll fire off. Actually said that and then she did. I don't know exactly what she meant by it, but I knew what I took from it. I went onto the Internet recently. About six hours later, I came away as the owner of [inaudible].

[inaudible]. Yes. Look up [inaudible]. [inaudible]. [inaudible] try them on first, man. [inaudible] what's what? What goes into my mind is that there are two different things, right?

They're very curious. They're not connected. Connected. Cool. Okay. That's what I took from that [inaudible]. That's actually an energy of beautiful connection, beautiful connection. Silk Stockings. Powerful independent movers that got me in that I faced early in my training was this one right from the, again, back to the anatomical choice catalog. However, we see, we see the muscular system with many words and lines drawn, identifying discrete units within that muscular system.

So the concept of a discreet unit. Right. And what did you learn in your trainees? Oh, they're attached up their fans, right? They have an origin and an insertion. How cool was that? So based on the metaphor and the curriculum, I had an expectation when I showed up in the dissection lab and saw muscle tissue, I expected them to be in discrete units, right attached out there as separate and independent like silk stockings. But instead I found fuzz and I told myself stories about, I showed up with a metaphor and I found something contradictory to the metaphor I was when one, the reality is contradictory to your expectation. What do you do? Well, a humble person changes their story and, and a, a less humble person complains about the reality.

Mr got Bay was the most precious, uh, form. I worked with this gentleman, his body for 26 days in a row, about 17 hours a day as a primary form on which I base my DVD series on. I wept in appreciation for this man over and over again, and as I reflected his superficial fashion and lifted it up, what did I find us? Cool. Okay. What with Mr [inaudible], I was on a mission.

I was on a mission to demonstrate the layers, to demonstrate the whole superficial fashion, like I couldn't imagine just to get the jacket, I'll cook it like a smoking jacket. He was the cadaver. I didn't before being snare, right. He was on number a hundred she was 101. I actually honored the words on camera on that. Wouldn't it be cool if I can do the whole thing and then the Mexican ad rented the whole time. But meanwhile I just obliterated all that Hopkin and then I encountered the deep fashion and when I incised it and looked underneath the road, I find more fuzz because above the deep fashion possibility fashion, I included this in my clothes, fish, the image of me. Right, breaking through those fibers so that I can show you that. All right. Because I had to dissect and clearway something to present this abstract image of an independent day fashion.

What about within the muscle layer? Here's Mr [inaudible], the rectus femoris on the top as I differentiate it from the vastus intermedius. What am I finding? You're not, I don't want to fuss. Right as above the deep fashion close below the fast your funds within the muscle layer, fuss, spas, spas, none of it was in a net or none of it was even in the dissection atlas, his picture there, it wasn't on my flash cards. It wasn't in the curriculum. No one told me it was going to be there. I didn't know it was going to happen. [inaudible] but I knew how to make it go away.

Sit here on the dissecting right with my fingers and there's nothing more fun than blunt. Dissection is immensely satisfying, especially because the end result is this on stockings. I straight out of the flashcard. Whew. Now this image for also for my, for my, uh, pose as a dang. Yes. Here's Mr Mappings. Prom. This is his left shoulder. Boy. I know what kind of copy to me.

I go over to the right side as a point of comparison, but it's not a fair comparison because that side was dissected. I and I, maybe, unfortunately it shows this footage to illustrate the first station because I didn't have any other photos at the time and I was trying to talk about how things could get kind of flooded over around clumping into the perfect glands. So I can't really evaluate because I didn't see them this year got paid and function as compared to many, many other cadavers that I did. Second to that point, his shoulder was a little clunky to me. I wasn't absolutely sure that he could put the macaroni on the third shelf. Okay. But now having said that, that's a, that's a cure. Speculation.

Perhaps he could've, and I can't make that call from looking at that image and would even Sarah to imply that your shoulders should look like the other side because it shouldn't look like the other side because there's no air in you. Total connection and differential moment that other images of a dissector shoulder, and this is unnecessary. So I believe the first speech up there, not only because the more I look into it though, the writer at guess, despite a few of the images being swept and misleading and I get so much feedback on it that aspires movement that I keep it up on you too, but it takes me four hours to explain it on things. You see. It's possible to look at evidence and conclude mistakenly, especially right when you start out with a questionable premise or a sketchy metaphor. Yeah.

So Gail is the Trans [inaudible] serious question. The center realm. When I asked myself that question, I can only have one answer. Yes, Santa is real. I know scientists [inaudible] I stayed up until two o'clock in the morning fixing the stockings and making sure everything's right and putting cool prints in the snow fighting and carrots. [inaudible] I know [inaudible] in here now, Sam [inaudible] right? But if you're talking to your kid, their ideas, Santa's transitions, right? For one part from one time to another. As they grow and learn, there comes a point when they kind of flip and [inaudible] sweet. Cause like my kids, I can remember when my daughter sashes.

Yeah. Hello. Rob showed him the top [inaudible] health, right? So [inaudible] so yes, the flaws is real, but not just not quite the way. I first just not quite right at first I learned from what I call fuzzy photography. So here's a macro lens. I shot this in bug here. This I'm dragon fly, right? The dragon flies is focuses and now football plane, it leaves everything else in a fog. You see that in wedding photography as well, right? I just standing there groom and groomsmen and horizon. Oh, get off her pants, their pants and you don't see you're needed. And I was just focused on her. This is her day. [inaudible] um, this is an interesting phenomenon and I'm going to tell you why I learned how I learned it. Mattamy from that phenomenon. We've got several cadavers.

So Mr God, by here he is, uh, uh, at a distance. His skin layer then is superficial fashion, right? And then his deep fashion. That's the sequence you could mind giving. It isn't, it's a very basic distance shot sequence to just give them, here's the idea folks. It's kind of Tan. You take away the Tan bed, it's kind of yellow. You take away to yell back. It's kind of whitish. Those are the right cause. Just the idea of whole body layer said that. Let me transition for now. I'm one guy in the lab for 26 days.

I focus in on this, you'll see it's not an uncomplete dissection. I have to do a whole lot more work over a whole lot more period of time that I'm had to do a perfect dissection on this. There is entire day fashion. So instead I focused on areas and took pictures of that. So this will be the money shot there before they picture a good fashion as opposed to the camera drawn back. Just giving you the general idea that there's this, there's this difference between superficial fashion and day fashion.

So this takes a lot of work, uh, to make an image like this. You know, I sit down and now I'm scraping such for quite awhile and I just know it starts out looking something like that. So this is flow flow is a female form. She was unfixed we, I obtain this form in order to both demonstrate her entire superficial fashion. I wanted to show that it can be done in an unfixed form as well as a fixed form to show that the demonstration of the whole superficial title wasn't a function of him buying, but it was a functional anatomy. I succeeded in that instance. I'm also, I looked at her viscera house show them too as well or we didn't really dissect the deep Fascia or, or her muscles issue at all. So this is kind of what Mr [inaudible] bays like booked out.

Like when I started at and I caught myself down after reflecting new superficial fashion and a complete dissection. When I start scraping away a little bit, see y'all, I did that for a couple hours, several hours, and then I'm hungry and I need coffee and Johns [inaudible] I'd go down to the cafeteria, I get coffee and guns and I talk to steam. Teachers had been there for the same 2124 years and a half. And we shoot the conversation and I come back and, and this tissue that I had just cleaned up for two hours and now covered with Brown crispy. That's what's going on. I'm like, no Brown crispy this. I said I gotta do it over again. I do all over. So I plot myself down. Interestingly surrounded by 2000 watts of halogen lamps.

So I bought some home depot to light up the scene for my cameras. I was fricking dissecting in an easy bake oven so I can take away all those brown crispy beds. And Raj on the janitor comes by to chat. How many Shatford within going half an hour. We did it all the time. I was now as a floater, Janine Rajon talking about [inaudible]. He's like, I gotta go to work on my own. I've got to go to work. Okay, you wonder why my dates at 17 he goes walking away.

I turn back to Mr [inaudible]. I find his leg covering the Brown crispy this all over again. I cleaned him up the van and take a picture. I just see flows like in the sky. Now this is gray. So have you done flow?

I thought wouldn't it be really cool to document all those pretty lines in the deep fascia in their different organizations, their different angles or different stackings wouldn't it be cool to show y'all in a sequence of images, document the entire body for the deep fashion? That was my object. With Ray, you make choices with unfixed cadavers cause you can't do everything cause you only got about five days. Well being themselves face Saint Francis, you propose the time. I kind of felt rushed because I had brought friends in. We, I hired this laboratory, I got this body. I set up a studio inside the lab. I traveled from Florida.

I was away from home for a week and a half. It cost me $5,000 for the project, and yet I was, I didn't want to make my friends wait for me. It focused to the camera, so I put it on automatic, right? I'd see my shot, I put the camera in front of it, put it on an automatic click, go take pictures all day long. Go home and see soft flat, not sharp, but soft images, none of which were demonstrating the Perry's screaming this and I was fricking staring at [inaudible] can I come back the next day? I'm like, I suck. And I do it all already. I go home and I get another collection and then it just soft because I'm the worst photographer in the deep, the passion in the world.

[inaudible] but I'm the best photographer, a film fashion because it turns out there was more anatomy there than my eyes were accounting for. I wasn't scraping away the felony fashion and the camera being set on automatic hooked into the first focal plane that an encounter, which was the glare of the lights in the new coil, Paolo within the membrane on top of the deep fashion that my eyes could see through. So I saw the strengths and the camera saw that I should assure you there's a bunch of strings on there. Good camera is taking a picture of Matt. I have a memory system, membrane system guys, Mr Face Valley on lifting it up and really a tearing apart membrane system. Here's me guy second raised valley. Now Ray died on Friday.

God bless him and rest his soul. I got second am on Monday. Very short span. He was what? Not desiccated, not clinically cooked, just refrigerated and still there's a horizon of fuzz today seen as I cut [inaudible]. It's nothing like Mr Copyright because it's wet. It's wet cotton candy. What cotton candy doesn't look like dry cotton candy, but I did get this shot. This is the $5,000 money shot [inaudible] picture that I got from the whole week. Then I can show you, and this is my pretty a pretty picture, the did fashion on the gallery wall. Somehow I managed to get the camera to focus on what I was looking at rather than do the membrane system on top of it.

But if I blow up that very same picture, now something worth 2,500 bucks, but you see it as a puddle on, right? You see that? Let's look into that puddle.

Integral Anatomy: What's the Fuzz?!

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Fuzzy Photography
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