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Self-Care and Burnout

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How do you adapt to change and what do you do to avoid burnout with your business? In this discussion, Jared Kaplan and Kristi Cooper ask these tough questions in the follow up to their previous video, Walk the Walk. They focus on longevity as a teacher and the traits that they see in people who are successful with this.
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Nov 24, 2019
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Hey guys, thanks for watching Christie. And my second conversation. So we last talked about how to walk the walk and it was a discussion around alignment and your practice and some sel...

Pilates, It's Your Business! - Playlist 4: Walk the Walk


Wow! This conversation hit the mark. Thank you so much for acknowledging this very real “state” we experience. You both gave some helpful insights and suggestions and I’ll put them to use.
Amazing content! I know a number of instructors who burnt out and I experienced it to certain extent myself. Nonetheless I love this profession and it comes to finding time for yourself to recover,  reconnect and re-balance. 
Very important subject which I am sure we have all experienced the issues discussed to some degree. 
I have scaled back on a number of classes...at the end of the day, it just isn't worth the price you pay in how you feel. Connecting with who you are , your spirit, why you are here, feeling calm and feeling peace is what life is about...living in ALL areas !

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