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10-Day Reset Mat Challenge

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When was the last time you surprised yourself by accomplishing something you thought you couldn't do? In this 10-day, full-body challenge, Carrie Pages will guide you through a series of workouts designed to inspire you and get you excited to move. Each class has a different focus but the intention is to integrate your whole body for a mind-body-soul transformation. Let's blow our minds with what our bodies can do!
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May 18, 2020
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When was the last time you surprised yourself by accomplishing something you thought you couldn't? This 10 day full body challenge is designed to inspire you to get you excited to work out, and if you show up and meet me on the mat today, I'll guide you to reach your fullest potential. Every day there's a different focus, but the intention of this challenge is to integrate your full body. The result is a mind, body, and soul transformation, and I'm so excited for you to join me. Let's do this together. Let's blow our minds with what our bodies can do.

10-Day Pilates Reset Mat Challenge: with Carrie Pages


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I’ve never done a challenge before but your bright smile and enthusiasm is what changed my mind .
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I loveeeee Carrie. She is so energising, inspiring and enthusiastic. I always get something really good out of her classes. She also helps me be a better teacher . Cant wait to start this challenge.  
Patti D
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I like the roll from side to back. Never done that before and it makes that series very smooth.
Sarah B
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I’m only half way through the challenge but loving every day and cant wait to start it all over again - hoping next time I’ll get closer to that bridge!
Well done Carrie, really liked your challenge! Best wishes, Silvia
Michelle O
This is the best video on the site. After lockdown I was no longer able to make it to my regular teacher and have been at a loss ever since. Although there are plenty of videos on this site , its just not the same as having a proper , structured programme. I started doing the programme two videos per day , and I'm now dipping in and out as my body requires. Carrie is a professional instructor - there are too many videos on this site , which are either poorly edited ( starting in the middle of 100s) or the instructor forgot to stretch the other side! Carrie is on the ball. Its also great for me to work with an instructor  who is also a dancer , as that is what my dancer's body needs . I cannot recommend this programme and this instructor enough ... Thank you Carrie xx
Emily W
I oh I

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