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2019 Bloopers

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It's April Fool's Day and we thought the best way to celebrate is with a little laughter! Join us in our bloopers from 2019 as we see who forgot what they were saying, who had trouble with the props, and who busted a move in the studio!
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Apr 01, 2020
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Hi, I'm blossom. Lilani Crawford. I am here in gorgeous, real live time. Where am I getting Carpentaria that's it. I'm in carpentry. I'm gonna start that again. Let me start that again. Let me start that again. Okay. Welcome to this beautiful set I provided all myself. Oh, this doesn't go out tomorrow. What are you guys doing? I just thought I'd try that joke on you and Nicole. Thank you Amy for joining us.

I said it's so bad is joining us is okay. Let me start that again and then we'll keep on going. The Royal, the Royal who will tie you, you can turn around. Let's go down. Hi everyone. I'm here for a reformer workout with my friend Sarah. We're going to, I'm going to start that again. I don't want to talk about guys. Pull this stuff out of my butt. It's all good. It's all good and we're going to roll down. You open that box should have, say I'll be your boss and then we're going to roll back up again.

We knocked cause I can't get up. Awesome. I'm going to pause for a moment if you don't mind, because I have all these credit cards in my pockets and they're falling and I'm going to come down and what I'm going to do is start, the last orientation would be to turn to face away from the trap piece cable. I've got these balls in my hands. Okay. Squishy blue balls is what you need. It's a little coordination here and reach. We'll have fun with it. Yeah, you got it. Our balls are too big.

Okay. Stop playing with your balls. Your balls. Nasty looking now. Okay. I like my firm. So this is really good for hand eye coordination. It's good for some of your athletes that come in. They'd like to use their balls. Put the balls already.

Do you want to take a deep breath in and a big exhale all the air out and exhale, inhale and exhale. Oh, that has never happened before. All right, so those humeral heads gets a suction into the acid, into the acetabulum, into the, I like to use the rollover. I like to use, what is it called? A foam roller. Let's be good. Our muck, muck the rolls button neuro, the edge of bit [inaudible].


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you guys are awesome! Thanks for the good mood and the laughing! Best medicine!!
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perfect timing, thank you 💖
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Love these!
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Morning cup of joe with some great laughs!  Made my day!  

Bloopers always makes me happy!
Sutthinee S
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Good to know that you guys not always serious. Feel relief
Karen Sanzo
what fun!!! always appreciate these funny times.  And reminds us all to keep it light when we can.

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It wouldn’t be a blooper reel without some blue balls! 🤣. Thanks for the laugh!
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I love these bloopers x I have just started live streaming my classes due to Covid-19 and I REALLY relate to this video.  You guys are AWESOME.
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Sooo good❣️Love these, thank you😍
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