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Plot Twist Pilates

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Kira Lamb comes to Pilates Anytime from her home in Brooklyn, New York with her series Plot Twist Pilates with Kira. You will be the lead character in your story of intermediate Mat work, and each of her classes serves as a supporting character or plot twist designed to add interesting layers, textures, and nuances to your practice. Join Kira and rewrite a deeper story for your Mat practice!
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Oct 01, 2020
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This is "Plot Twist Pilates," and I'm Kira Lamb. Every single week, we're gonna tell the story of intermediate Pilates mat. We're gonna tell the story, we're gonna tell it again, and we're gonna retell it, but it's never gonna feel boring or predictable because every single week you will play the lead character, but we're gonna introduce a new character or a plot twist so that the intermediate mat work always has interesting layers, textures, and nuances to play with. So let's start moving.


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