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Pilates-Ish: On the Reformer

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Join Mariska Breland in her series designed to explore what you can do on the Reformer. Each class focuses on a different action verb so that you can strengthen your entire body in many ways. Get ready to push, pull, rotate, stabilize, invert, and lengthen.
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Oct 06, 2021
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(upbeat music) Hi, I'm Mariska Breland. And I created this series Pilates-ish to care with a series that I did on the mat. So this is Pilates-ish on the reformer. In this series, we're going to do all these action verbs. We're going to have one class where we push, then we're going to pull.

We'll rotate, we'll stabilize, we'll lengthen, and we're even going to invert. So if you're a teacher, I hope you get a lot of really fun ideas to use with your students and also with yourself. And if you're a student, I hope you have a lot of fun exploring all sorts of different things that you can do with your reformer. I hope you love this series. I'm really excited to share it with you and I'll see you on the reformer.


Awesome!  This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for!  I know all the basics and am looking for new ways to use/get the most out of  my reformer.  I also know your classes are always a good challenge for me.  Many thanks for this series!
Alexandra G 

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