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Twisting with Pilates

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Join Blossom Leilani Crawford in her series of classes designed to twist and move your rib cage in all directions. You will enjoy three-dimensional movement in exercises that you're familiar with so that you can get as much juicy movement in your body as possible. By adding a little extra to your practice, you will feel and move better each day.
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Dec 01, 2021
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Hi, I'm Blossom Leilani Crawford The series of workouts that I've created for you on Pilates Anytime, is all about twisting and moving your rib cage in all directions, trying to get as much juicy movement in those ribs as possible. I hope that after you take some of my classes that you get to just enjoy some three-dimensional movement, which is often missing, I think from our Pilates vocabulary, but still get to do some of our great Pilates exercises. But just add a little extra in there that maybe will help us feel better and move better every day. Get ready to laugh a little bit, but somehow in the laughing, you're gonna find yourself working out and hopefully having a good time.

Anything Goes - Playlist 14: Twisting with Pilates


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