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Pre-Pilates - Pelvic Health

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Join Claire Sparrow in her new pelvic health series where she uses breathwork and gentle movements to help you find the elasticity, dynamism, and strength that should all be present in your pelvic floor. When you bring more awareness to your body, you will be able to release tension that you never noticed and you will improve how your body functions. Let's get started so we can build a foundation for better health.
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Jul 21, 2022
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My passion is helping women nurture and nourish their bodies so they feel more joy in movement and in their life. I'm Claire Sparrow. Join me in this series of classes where we are covering pre-Pilates for whole body pelvic health. We'll be using breath work and gentle pre-Pilates movements to help you find the elasticity, the dynamism, and the strength that is so important and should be present for good pelvic health and function. Let's get started so we can build a healthy foundation for a happy life.


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