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Learn how to use the Konnections Band (or a Theraband) for the Konnections for Mat workout by Viktor Uygan. He shares the differences between the two props and demonstrates how each of them works. He also shares the pros and cons so that you can make the best choice for your practice.
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Sep 21, 2023
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Hi everyone, my name is Viktor Uygan inventor of Konnector and founder of Konnect Method. Today I'm gonna give you a tutorial about Konnections Band. In here in my right hand you're actually witnessing first prototype of Konnection Band, and here you are witnessing a regular resistance band. And I'm gonna talk about the differences, and you could do the Konnection work with either of them. You just have to know what the differences are, and how to use them.

We're gonna start with the resistance band. You have to remember there's different brand bands and I'm not gonna mention any of them right now, but you have to know the different brand means they will have different colors that represents different resistance. So one band yellow might be the light, and another brand, the same color yellow might be heavy resistance. And in Konnections classes I use the band, the least resistance, very extra, extra light. So in here in my hand, very light band, and I'm gonna show you how to tie the knot on the each edge, so it will create a loop, so you can put it on your feet or in your hands.

Once you have the band, about, I will say nine foot long depends the height. I'm six feet, is my height, and I am using 9-foot long band. If you're a little shorter, you can do 8-foot as well, you can get away with it. So I'm holding the band from the edge, this is the beginning. And I'm gonna bend it about 6 inches right in here, 6 inch, right?

Once I do that, I'm gonna hold it like the band is one, right? Instead of two different pieces, it's a one piece. Once I create that one piece, I'm gonna create a circle right here, that's the circle. And then I'm gonna put the beginning of the band, the part that I double-edged, through that circle to create a knot right here. So once I do this, I can squeeze down away from the loop to create a bigger loop.

The most important thing when you're creating this, if the loop is too little, your toes will turn blue. You don't wanna do that, right? It shouldn't be too tight. If it's too loose, again, it's not gonna stay on your feet. So you have to find balance that the loop is big enough that is actually hugging your feet right here, and is not squeezing too hard, and it doesn't stay out, all right?

Let's repeat this one more time on the other side. This is the band right here, about 6 inch. Then I'm gonna hold them together, make a circle. Once I do the circle, I'm gonna put the beginning of the band through the circle. Create a knot right here.

Do you see how small is? I'm gonna move the knot down to make my loop is bigger. So I moved it and now it's a lot bigger. So I place it in here. Now, my band is ready to go.

I can use to create the resistance, create feedback on my limbs, the top of my head. During the movement, I am ready to move. Now, pros of this, you wanna make sure you have no jewelry. If it catches the band, the band will snap. Another cons with this, there's an involuntary waxing sometimes.

You know, it's on your legs while you're moving, the band will catch your hair, it will pull, it could be in your arms, and it could be in your legs. But other than that, it does work, it gives you and provides you efferent information. So your nervous system will take that information through the efferent information, will help you to move the correct muscles during the exercise. Now, this was the band, let's go to Konnections Band. Why did I created this?

To create little bit ease. There is two loops to one will go behind your heels, and the other one underneath your foot right here. So it is very secure, it will not slide, even if you're trying to bring it out, it will not come out. And the band himself, there's a resistance band covered by a fabric, very thin fabric. So there's not gonna pull your hair.

And the second thing during the movement, if needs to be adjusted, for example, I can just move my hand, and the band slides inside the casing of the fabric. So it feels very organic, you don't have to actually reposition your hand up and down often. You can hold it one spot and you can slide it down and up, and the band will adjust because it's covered with the fabric. So this is the, whoops. This is the Konnections Band, it's covered with the band.

And another thing, you don't have to worry about the jewelry or catching the band, and the band snapping. And even if it does, something happens with age, it is cased inside the fabric cover. It will never actually hurt you, it will never cause any type of pain on your body if it snaps. So this is Konnections Band, this is regular resistance band. I just showed you two different ways of to doing Konnections classes.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out or leave a comment, and I will get back to you, thank you.


Love it.  I would love more information about purchasing theses Props. Thank you in advance.

Janie J
I like the work with these bands.  Gives so much feedback in the matwork. Thank you for these classes
Love the Konnection Mat!! Same question as Jocelyne. I would like more information about purchasing the new band. Thank you!!!
Gabriella D
Please, let me know where in Europe I can purchase the konnection bands. Thanks !!!
Please let me know where I can purchase the connector bands , I’m in USA thsnks
Nita-Rose A
I am also wanting to purchase the band please.  I am in the USA
Would like to purchase fabric covered bands. Don’t see on your web site. Are they available?
Sarah A
Looking forward to purchasing one and having a set to teach with at College of San Mateo with my students!!!

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