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Pilates Anytime Commercial

1 min - Special


A short video we produced to demonstrate the features of Pilates Anytime.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Aug 01, 2012
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Pilates Anytime is a virtual Pilates studio where you can take real classes with real students. It's like you're sitting in the back of class, not watching a DVD. Pilates is my life. I...


Great job! I'll be sharing widely.
Thank you Joni!
Shared! :)
Always appreciated Gina! Thank you!
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Such a valuable creation...thank you!!!!
Thank you Myriam! Loved seeing you last week or was that last month? Time flies!!
This video is listed as one available in Spanish. How do I access it?
Joni ~ I'm not exactly sure where it is on the site, but here is the YouTube link to the Spanish version of the commercial. I hope this helps!
Gracias GIa. Ahora....how do I watch the classes that supposedly have closed caption spanish instructions?
Joni ~ You're welcome! Here is a link to all of the videos with Spanish subtitles. After you press play, you can hover your mouse over the CC button and there you will be able to choose Spanish. If you have any trouble with it, let us know.
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