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Pilates for Monsters

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In this clip, Kristi Cooper employs the classic genius of Joseph Pilates' teachings to address the particular challenges of clients who are bewitching, befuddled, or, well, dead. Happy Halloween from the ghouls at Pilates Anytime!
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Oct 26, 2012
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At this time of year. I get some spooky clients in my evening classes. Have particular needs that have to be carefully handled. Take your witches, for example. Can you show us how you ride your broomstick? Hilda, you've got this nice rounded back, so I suspect that your ads are helping you with that. With the distance you must fly. Let's work some opposition and get you back extensors a little stronger. Go ahead and reaching down. You're going to inhale as you arise up above.

Good shooting out the straight strong back of the legs. Inhale rebend them and lift up again. Zombies are totally different kind of client. They're in a constant state of deterioration, so you're working hard just to keep them upright. I like to pet a pole. Let's have you lean back against the pole, hold your head up and then give them something to feel good about.

So I start with the arm straight out and then from there you're going to press them down good and bring them back for rest and don't try to let your shoulders relax. It's an overuse issue from holding the arms up all the time. Although floating may seem like a natural state for spirits, I find that Pilati is really helps improve their levitation skill. One good. Look at this straight like this. Like you're flying. Sometimes you have to watch it. They don't go too far. Sometimes when I get to the studio, my clients are here already hanging around.

Time to wake up and inhale as you side bend and you know this action x, great. Inhale, bringing it back and exhale. Other side, it's common for re-animation to leave people stiff, especially if rigor mortis has set in to help relax it previously dead muscles. I like to use the map. Today we're just going to do spine stretch theater, park arm, straight out. We're going to work on stretching your spine and the back of your legs. Deep breath in. Excellent. Round over. He's good at breathing. Can you hear it? Inhale and exhale brings you back up.

How does that feel? So you see [inaudible] really is for anyone. Anytime. Happy Halloween, everyone at holidays. Anytime.


Awesome!! I really got a good giggle! Your monsters did quite well...must be the wonderful instruction! Happy Halloween!!
Too cute, thanks for the giggle!
Very creative!!!
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I want to hug you this is so charming!
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That was great and very creative! Thanks for taking the time to produce this.
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Love the zombie, the witch, the previously dead muscles. What if these are your "normal" clients? Yes, it happens! Fun!!!
Fantastic! heehee
Super job! Super fun! Thanks for the smile of the day.
So funny!! Well done and so creative! Way to bring the "spirit" into Pilates!!
very cute!!!
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