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Workshop #924

Cadillac Hands On Tutorial

60 min - Workshop


In this tutorial designed for the Pilates Teacher, Jennifer Kries teaches the nuanced skill of hands on cueing when working with clients on the Cadillac. Step by step, Jennifer shares her logic for where she puts her hands and how she uses language to help her client achieve the maximum benefit of each exercise. From the Roll Back to Tower to Chest Expansion, you are sure to get some helpful tips and techniques that will help you communicate more effectively and increase your confidence while teaching.
What You'll Need: Cadillac

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This is such a helpful session! And I love the way Jennifer is explaining and showing the grips and cues! Thank you so much! As a beginning teacher on the equipment, with first time clients coming in, I am happy for tutorials like this, giving me so much useful input!
Unfortunately the video stops at a certain point, - after about 40 minutes, and I can´t get over that! I already have it on medium and it is fully "loaded" till the end. What can I do?
Thank you,
Silke, Bremen, Germany
Silke~ I would recommend restarting your computer and then trying to watch this in Auto-Detect. There you could fast-forward the class to the point where it stopped for you and hopefully then it would play all the way through. Please email if you continue to have problems.
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Thank you so much Jennifer! This workshop is so useful. I love all of your helpful cues and hands on tips. I can't wait to implement them into my sessions. Please share more of your hands workshops!!!
Thank you Silke and Tamara for your kind messages- I'm very glad that you both found the workshop useful!
Warmest regards to you,
Jennifer :)
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It worked! I was able to view the film to the end! Enjoyed every second of it! I will watch this many times again!

Thank you,
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Very well presented and full of little gems - much appreciated, thank you
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Wonderful. Thank you so much!
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enjoy waching you make it look easy and confortables. loves your cues. I would love to see more especially the hip opener and peroke, Pelvic press are my hard est to spot. can you help me
thank Carole
I've always admired you Jennifer, I still have your Precision Method and Balanced Zones videos! I'm sitting at home sick, too sick to be at my studio wondering when I can return. Watching you is bringing me strength, I just know it. Many thanks, Ardy.

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