Carolyne Anthony - Advice on Menopause

Carolyne Anthony Teaching a Class geared towards Menopausal Women on Pilates Anytime

Advice on Menopause

Carolyne Sidhu Anthony, the founder of The Center for Women's Fitness, wanted to share her thoughts and advice on how to best prepare for menopause and to deal with the changes that occur in your or your client's body during that period.
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"Menopause is an exciting and sometimes challenging time in a woman’s life. A time of physical, emotional and spiritual change.

As movement specialists, we can care for the menopausal body in ways that may help support these changes and some of the symptoms associated with it.

Over the last few years it has become apparent to me that menopausal women need a specific program that includes strength training (for bone health), cardiovascular workouts (for hormone balance and weight management), balance exercises and most importantly stretching and releasing, breathing and relaxation (for stress reduction, lymph drainage and resetting the para sympathetic nervous system). At this time most women should remain active, toned and functional.

If your clients really want their bodies to continue to function well into their seventies and beyond, they have to start working smarter and this may be harder to do in the beginning as they learn to rethink their exercise program. Maybe both of you have lessened the resistance, lowered the heart rate and taken more breaks. Maybe they think they don’t even need to exercise that much anymore? Maybe they think that at this age they should be slowing down and taking things easy?

Well think again!

Women today are much more active, informed and focused on their health and fitness than they were several decades ago. Many have been exercising for years and are not about to stop now they are reaching a certain age. Life does not stop at fifty anymore. This group of women is either peri menopausal or in the midst of it and dealing with the changes that it brings. They would appreciate all the help they can get. Pilates is a mind body experience just like menopause is. We can use the philosophy of Pilates to help women through this time. There are symptoms of the mind; there are changes in the body and a reawakening of the soul or spirit of these women. It can be a truly amazing time if they are given the tools necessary to cope with the trials and tribulations of menopause.

Pilates is a wonderful aid in accomplishing these goals. Keeping a positive attitude and sense of humor is important too."

~ Carolyne Sidhu Anthony


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Menopause reminds me, in a way, of pregnancy... Your body takes over and does what it is going to do. Yes, Pilates and good nutrition help smooth the process of aging but the body still continues it's path of change. I feel that it (my body) has a mind of it's own just like when I was expecting my two children so many years ago!
Great insight Carolyne! Additionally, many Pilates teachers work with women in this age group. Thank you, Anne
I have personally found Pilates to be the fountain of youth for my nearly 54 year old body ! Not only has it stopped the mid section gain that started to appear years back but I feel smarter about my own body and it's needs. When to push and when to let if rest. As the body goes through the changes that we have no control over, Pilates is something we can proactively do that gives us a sense of empowerment. Pilates is for life !!
I know this thread started years ago, but now that I am in menopause (to be clear, my child bearing years are over) I am in the midst of re-considering my exercise program. Although I did attempt to 'get ahead of it' I wasn't very successful. At 46, I started to really accept my age and life circumstances, knowing that changes were imminent whether I liked it or not. Yet I felt unsupported and alienated, frankly, because most of my peers and supporters brushed off my concerns and told me, "you're not old!" and "you're too young to be perimenopausal" and "you're in great shape" blah blah. I know it was intended to be positive, but it actually wasn't. For me, it's better to look and feel healthy at whatever age or stage you ARE in vs. trying to force yourself into something you simply are not. As it relates to exercise, I realize that what was FANTASTIC for me at age 40 is NOT at age 48. There's definitely a loss and grief, but I'm hopeful for a new paradigm! Thanks

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