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4 Ideas for Branding Your Studio

You've bought the best equipment, you've attracted enthusiastic clients, and your Pilates studio is the well-appointed space you've dreamt about. Now, it's time to brand your space.

Why does your Pilates studio need branding?

Simply put, a brand tells clients who you are and what you're about. And in an increasingly competitive and crowded space, reinforcing your brand with strong visuals and takeaways can ensure repeat customers, promote loyalty and even create caché for your Pilates studio.

REAL Pilates NYC

For ideas on creating a strong Pilates studio brand, we looked to our friend, Alycea Ungaro of REAL Pilates NYC in New York City. Alycea currently owns three locations in her local NYC chain, and her growing empire includes videos, apparel, a teacher training program and more.

Here are a few examples of how she brands her studio and a few ideas you can try in your own Pilates studio to create a powerful brand:

1. Branded Apparel & Tchotchkes

Studio-branded tees, grip socks, water bottles, and other fun items let customers take a little bit of your studio with them when they leave. Your clients will be proud to show-off their affinity for Pilates and will help spread your brand name in the process.

"It gives the spirit and sensibility a cohesive sense of branding...and more than branding, a sense of community: we wear these things; we like these things." - Alycea Ungaro

Tip: Having a dedicated retail space near the front desk makes shopping and checkout easy. And, if you offer pre-natal Pilates classes, consider including branded baby items as well.

2. Unique Design and Decoration

Personalize your space for an easily recognizable aesthetic. Alycea's brand permeates almost every aspect of her space in unexpected and creative ways, including custom wallpaper made from her archival photos of Joseph Pilates and restroom keys that hang from foot straps. From high-end signature wallpaper to fragrant candles in the loo, customers will appreciate the attention to detail.

Tip: You don't have to blow your budget; find some wooden or metal alphabet letters at your local craft store, and decorate your space with your studio name, and you're on your way.

3. Location, location, location.

Your location can foster a distinct sense of place and ambience for your clients. For Alycea, the New York City skyline reinforces her brand name in an authentic way. (In the case of Bridge Pilates in Brooklyn, named after the local bridges, the location can work its way into the brand itself.)

Tip: It may seem obvious, but placing visible signage out front - with your logo - can be key to attracting new business.

4. Adorable Mascots

There are lots of considerations to keep in mind when bringing a pet into the studio - allergies, noise, bathroom breaks. If you choose to keep a studio mascot, though, a furry friend can lighten the mood or even melt your clients' hearts.

About the Author

Kathy Schader

Kathy currently teaches Pilates in Manhattan Beach, CA, and she loves sharing the transformative power of Pilates. When not in the studio, she enjoys spending time with her family and being active outdoors in Southern California.


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